• Social theory
      March 1999

      Spaces of Culture

      City, Nation, World

      by Featherstone, Mike; Lash, Scott M;

      What is culture? What is the relationship between social structure and culture in a globalized and networked world? This book explores the key themes in social theory: the nation state; the city; modernity and reflexivity; post-Fordism and the spatial log

    • Social theory
      June 1995

      Global Modernities

      by Featherstone, Mike; Lash, Scott M; Robertson, Roland

      Global Modernities is a sustained commentary on the international character of the most microcosmic practices. It demonstrates how the global increasingly informs the regional, so deconstructing ideas like the `nation-state' and `national sovereign

    • Social theory
      July 2002

      Recognition and Difference

      Politics, Identity, Multiculture

      by Lash, Scott M; Featherstone, Mike;

      Are there any cultural universals left? Does multiculturalism inevitably involve a slide into moral relativism? This timely and insightful book examines questions of politics and identity in the age of multicultures.

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