• Teaching, Language & Reference
      January 2014

      The Welsh Language

      A History

      by Janet Davies (Author)

      The existence of the Welsh-language can come as a surprise to those who assume that English is the foundation language of Britain. However, J. R. R. Tolkien described Welsh as the ‘senior language of the men of Britain’. Visitors from outside Wales may be

    • January 2016

      Language, Literacy and Communication in the Early Years:

      A critical foundation

      by Hayes, Carol

      An essential text for students and practitioners on the development and acquisition of language and literacy in the early years.

    • January 2017

      Visual Dictionary

      16.000 words and phrases

      by PONS

      For anyone who wants to find words quickly and learn effectively via pictures Approximately 16,000 words and phrases with complete phonetic transcription for every word Over 3,000 pictures illustrate the most important areas of

    • April 2017

      Language Guide in Pictures

      Everybody can speak English! All words and phrases for travelling

      by PONS

      For visual learners The right words for any situation: Contains pre-formulated sentences in each chapter Understanding made easy: Downloadable audio dialogs for listening and training All keywords come with phonetic t

    • February 2018

      Grammar in Pictures

      Everybody can learn grammar!

      by PONS

      For visual learners and everyone who struggles with grammar Complete grammar knowledge from A1 – B2 in one edition With pictures, graphics and icons to easily portray complex and “dry” topics

    • January 2018

      Mini Language Course English

      Join the conversation in 5 hours

      by PONS

      All language learners Language course in a small pocket-size format Acquire basic knowledge efficiently and effectively Join the conversation in no time Short tidbits of learning for studying in between othe

    • June 2016

      Picture Vocabulary Box English (A1-B2)

      Learn fast and efficiently 2.000 words with 800 colored picture cards

      by PONS

      For all learners 800 thematically sorted cards with one to two images per card – for a total of 2,000 vocabulary words The front shows the picture with the word in the foreign language and the phonetic transcription, whil

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      September 2017

      Easy Learning

      by PONS

    • September 2017

      Le masque sorcier

      Short mystery stories for learning French

      by PONS

      Learning French with crime stories Various crime stories with appropriate language for the skill levels B1 – B2 Up to 20 detective novels in each volume Translations of difficult words on every page Se

    • April 2018

      Power Language Course for Advanced Learners: Russian

      by PONS

      For advanced learners (A2–B1) Proven method: in every lesson all language skills are trained The perfect replenishment to the courses for beginners With online tests for multimedia learning Also

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      October 2018

      Language Learning with Comics: Un ano en Barcelona

      A comic language course for learning Spanish

      by PONS

      For beginners with previous knowledge and returning learners A new way to learn Spanish: With the first comic thatis also a language course The comic simplifies the learnin

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      January 2018

      Easy Learning: Tenses

      An English Grammar-Fairytale

      by Tien Tammada

      Once upon atime there was a king called "Tense"... For everybody who struggles with the English tenses Explains the English tenses in the form of a fairytale With enchanting illustrations and o

    • June 2018

      Te doy mi palabra

      1000 idiomatic Expressions

      by PONS

      For returning and advanced learners (A2 – C1) 1,000 common phrases and sayings - from upscale to colloquial, from decorous to vulgar Every phrase is explained and translated Loads of examples illustrate correct

    • June 2018

      Super Basics at a glance - English

      The most important vocabulary in Pictures

      by PONS

      For visual learners Compact overview on 6 A4 folding pages Learner friendly: lots of pictures to memorize the words better Vocabulary with phonetic transcription on 6 different topics Short dialogues for com

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      September 2019

      Language Contact. Volume 1

      by Jeroen Darquennes, Joseph C. Salmons, Wim Vandenbussche

      Die Reihe HANDBÜCHER ZUR SPRACH- UND KOMMUNIKATIONSWISSENSCHAFT erschließt einen Wissensbereich, der sowohl die allgemeine Linguistik und die speziellen, philologisch orientierten Sprachwissenschaften als auch diejenigen Wissenschaftsgebiete umfasst, d

    • Philosophy
      July 2019

      Thinking with Adorno

      The Uncoercive Gaze

      by Gerhard Richter

      The author is one of the leading scholars of Adorno and the Frankfurt School.

    • Literary theory
      March 2019

      The Tongue-Tied Imagination

      Decolonizing Literary Modernity in Senegal

      by Tobias Warner

      To readers interested in the world literature debate, the book opens new directions by investigating how the emergence of literary modernity is entangled with other textualities.

    • Anthropology
      November 2019

      Morality at the Margins

      by Sarah Hillewaert

    • Teaching, Language & Reference

      German Language History

      An Introduction to Diachronic German Linguistics

      by Peter Ernst

      This book gives a systematic overview of the history of the German language from Old High German to the present by describing the prehistory of the German language: Indo-Germanic and Germanic, depicting language change at all l

    • Language learning: specific skills
      June 2017

      Language is the Key

      The Canadian Language Benchmarks Model

      by Monika Jezak

      Language is the Key offers an examination of the widely recognized system of official language training for adult immigrants to Canada—the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and their French equivalent, Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC)

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