• Teaching, Language & Reference
      January 2019

      Konstruktionsgrammatik des Deutschen

      Ein sprachgebrauchsbezogener Ansatz

      by Klaus Welke

      Die prototypentheoretische und signifikativ-semantische (semasiologische) Orientierung der Konstruktionsgrammatik (KxG) durch George Lakoff und Adele Goldberg (Berkeley Cognitive Construction Grammar) wird am Beispiel des Deutschen in Richtung auf eine

    • July 2007

      Einführung in die Satzanalyse

      Die Bestimmung der Satzglieder im Deutschen

      by Klaus Welke

      Constituent analysis is one of the basic skills required of prospective specialists in German studies and is therefore a mandatory component of university teaching. The textbook offers a detailed overview of the theoretical concepts and terminology of con

    • May 2011

      Valenzgrammatik des Deutschen

      Eine Einführung

      by Klaus Welke

      Valency grammar assumes that words, e.g. verbs, have a valency that determines the design of the construction - in the case of verbs the construction of the sentence. Construction grammar, a current direction of grammar research, does not start from the w

    • October 2005

      Tempus im Deutschen

      Rekonstruktion eines semantischen Systems

      by Klaus Welke

      Modern theories of tense define invariant meanings and relate these to variants using a variety of mechanisms. The present theory of tense dispenses with the principle of invariance. The individual meaning variants are derived from original meanings, and

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