• Food & Drink
      July 2007

      Slow Cooker, One-Pot Cooking & Casseroles

      The essential guide to using a slow cooker and creating tempting one-pot meals, with over 400 delicious recipes and 1700 colour photographs

      by Catherine Atkinson Jenni Fleetwood

      This practical cookbook is designed for those with busy lives who want to eat tasty, wholesome meals without the need for time-consuming techniques. The book is ideal as much for the first-time slow cooker or clay-pot user as for the more experienced cook

    • Food & Drink
      January 2007

      The Half Hour Cook

      Quick and easy meals for the busy cook: 200

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      This is the must-have guide to healthy, home-cooked food that can be rustled up in a matter of minutes, with 400 recipes and whole menus that can be cooked in less than half an hour. Carefully compiled for even the most hectic schedule, this cookbook is p

    • Food & Drink
      April 2008

      500 Chili Recipes

      An irresistible collection of red-hot, tongue-tingling recipes for every kind of fiery dish from around the world, shown in 500 sizzling colour photographs

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      In this vibrant cookbook are to be found subtly spiced recipes as well as those that are excitingly red hot CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK IN DIGITAL FO

    • Food & Drink
      January 2009


      by Jenni Fleetwood

    • Food & Drink
      June 2009

      Classic Wok Cooking

      Sensational stir-fries from East and West: 150

      by Sunil Vijayakar, Becky Johnson Jenni Fleetwood

      Cooking with a wok is one of the simplest ways of making delicious food. Its versatility is unparalleled CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK IN DIGITAL FORM<

    • Food & Drink
      October 2009

      500 Main Courses

      Best-ever dishes for family meals, quick suppers, dinner parties and special events, shown in more than 500 tempting photographs

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      Whether it is a light lunch, a family meal or a special dinner where the aim is to impress, there is a wide array of delicious options in this book. Every imaginable cooking method is covered, from stove-top, pan-fried and stir-fried recipes to oven-baked

    • Food & Drink
      July 2009

      The Illustrated Food and Cooking of the Caribbean, Central & South America

      Tropical cuisines steeped in history: 150 exotic and authentic dishes, shown step by step in over 600 inspiring photographs

      by Jenni Fleetwood Marina Filipelli

      This comprehensive cookbook offers an overview of Caribbean, Central and South American cooking. Traditional recipes stand alongside dishes that have been given an elegant modern twist. The reference section provides an insight into each country's history

    • Food & Drink
      September 2012

      500 WOK RECIPES

      Sensational stir-fries from around the world

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      Cooking with a wok brings out the best in fresh food with enticing spices and tangy taste combinations. The wok is ideal for making all kinds of dishes, including crab dim sum with Chinese chives, special chow mein, and classic beef rendang. Enjoy 500 fai

    • Food & Drink
      May 2011

      Slow-Cooking & One-Pot Recipes

      A box set of two cookbooks: 400 fantastic dishes for the slow cooker, oven or stove top, shown step-by-step in 1700 photographs

      by Catherine Atkinson Jenni Fleetwood

      This practical box set is perfect for the busy, modern cook who wants tasty, wholesome meals without the need for fussy or time-consuming cooking techniques. All of the recipes in these two cookbooks are designed with minimal preparation in mind, and requ

    • Food & Drink
      June 2011

      Complete Cooking: The Ultimate Recipe Collection

      2000 tempting recipes from appetizers, meat

      by Anne Hildyard, Jenni Fleetwood Martha Day

      Whether you are preparing a family supper or hosting an elegant dinner party, you are sure to find what you need in this comprehensive collection. 500 Best-Ever Recipes presents tried-and-trusted family dishes from all over the world from delicious soups

    • Food & Drink
      July 2011

      The Food and Cooking of Mexico, South America and the Caribbean

      Explore the vibrant and exotic ingredients, techniques and culinary traditions with over 350 sensational step-by-step recipes

      by Jane Milton, Jenni Fleetwood Marina Filippelli

      The food of Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America comes from many vibrant and diverse traditions. From the mountains of southern Chile and the vast plains of Argentina to the fertile Bajio of Mexico and the many tropical islands of the Caribbean, this b

    • Food & Drink
      November 2012


      Perfect hot and cold desserts, from the everyday family classics to sumptuous dishes for entertaining

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      For those of us who fondly remember eating rich, gooey, home-made puddings as children, it comes as no surprise to see the traditional pudding making a comeback into fashion. It is a rare thing to find a dish that is greeted with delight by all, but the c

    • Food & Drink
      December 2012


      A complete set of two volumes containing 500 delicious

      by Jenni Fleetwood Ann Kay

      A wonderful recipe box set of main courses and desserts, which together give a range of meal choices for every occasion. 500 Main Courses offers a dish for all tastes, from traditional recipes such as Classic Fish and Chips and Spaghetti Bolognese to more

    • Food & Drink
      March 2013


      20 simple and stylish ideas shown in 150 photographs

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      Wraps are the original fast food. They are easy to make, tasty to eat and ideal for every occasion, from breakfast on the run to a sophisticated supper with friends. Preparing food in its own individual package is also endlessly versatile. Aside from wrap

    • Food & Drink
      April 2013


      A superb range of over 310 delicious and quick step-by-step recipes for the busy cook, featuring more than 1200 photographs

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      This is the ultimate guide to healthy, home-cooked food that can be rustled up in a matter of minutes, with over 310 original recipes. Beginning with excellent ideas for breakfast and brunch, from real porridge to warm buttermilk pancakes, the book is als

    • Food & Drink
      October 2013


      Discover the delights and simplicity of stir-fry cooking with 300 sensational stove-top dishes, shown in 1000 step-by-step photographs

      by Jenni Fleetwood


    • Food & Drink
      November 2013


      Over 325 sizzling dishes from the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East, India and Thailand, shown in 1250 photographs

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      Spices are essential culinary ingredients in every part of the world, used to sharpen the appetite and titillate the palate. In this guide, chillies and all kinds of spices are used in aromatic dishes and red-hot meals. Explore scorching salsas, relishes

    • Food & Drink
      August 2014


      Keep mealtimes simple with over 300 mouthwatering dishes to make in a slow cooker or casserole, shown in 1300 photographs

      by Catherine Atkinson Jenni Fleetwood

      This cookbook is designed for those with busy lives who want to eat tasty, nutritious meals without the need for fussy or time-consuming cooking techniques. A detailed reference section describes all the equipment, including slow cookers, clay pots, tagin

    • Health & Personal Development
      August 2013


      Using the therapeutic properties of food for health, with over 120 photographs

      by Jenni Fleetwood

      Eating foods that promote good health is simple with this handy little guide, which taps into current scientific knowledge about healing foods and summarizes the benefits in an easy-to-use format. The book begins by examining the different food groups ava

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