• Teaching, Language & Reference
      September 2018

      Chemistry for Higher Education

      A Practical Guide to Designing a Course in Chemistry

      by Jan H. Apotheker

      Current publication gives hands-on recommendations how to develop a successful course in either the bachelor or the master of chemistry. The author discusses different ways of course building, such as lectures, workshops, seminars and labs, explains ho

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      March 2019

      Teaching Chemistry

      A Course Book

      by Jan Apotheker

      The current book introduces the challenges of chemistry education, discusses the issues in teaching chemistry and how to overcome them, and explains why teaching chemistry differs from teaching other subjects. The author gives an overview of the existi

    • April 2017

      Fragen Sie weder Arzt noch Apotheker

      Warum Abwarten oft die beste Medizin ist

      by Schweitzer, Jan; Schweitzer, Ragnhild

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