• Fiction
      June 2012

      Innocent Mosquitoes

      From Liverpool to the Backlands of Brazil

      by Howard Jackson

      In 1896 at Canudos, in the North East of Brazil, the new Republican Government slaughters thirty thousand people and wipes out the millenarian movement led by the priest Antonio Conselheiro. In 2008 Alfred a retired civil servant, decides to visi

    • Music
      March 2013

      No Money Honey

      How a Left Wing Elvis Fan Survived 12 Months of Neo-Conservatism

      by Howard Jackson

      'NO MONEY HONEY' is an entertaining and a provocative look at some of the personalities of 2012. Written by a left-wing Elvis fan, it serves as a quirky reminder of what happened in a year that was difficult but never dull. 'NO MONEY HONEY' inclu

    • Fiction
      June 2016

      Choke Bay

      by Howard Jackson

      'Killing women is mad, even if he is family.' Spencer Calbeck returns to Choke Bay, the Yorkshire coastal village where his father killed two women and committed suicide. He arrives for the engagement party of Lauren to Ron. Lauren is a nurse, and Ron

    • The environment
      October 2002

      Health and the Environment in the Southeastern United States

      Rebuilding Unity: Workshop Summary

      by Roundtable on Environmental Health Sciences, Research, and Medicine, Howard Frumkin, Richard J. Jackson, and Christine M. Coussens, Editors

      The purpose of this regional workshop in the Southeast was to broaden the environmental health perspective from its typical focus on environmental toxicology to a view that included the impact of the natural, built, and social environments on human health

    • Study & learning skills: general
      August 2005

      Good Grammar for Students

      by Jackson, Howard

    • Fiction
      March 2015

      Nightmares Ahead

      by Howard Jackson

      Welcome to the latest horror ride from RED RATTLE BOOKS, publishers of horror feasts, 'Dracula's Midnight Snacks', 'Zombie Bites' and 'How To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions'. 'Nightmares Ahead' contains 31 horror stories intended to 'harrow the mind

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