• Hobbies
      June 2014


      History, rules and winning strategies for bridge, whist, hearts, canasta and many other games, with 200 photographs and diagrams

      by Jeremy Harwood

      This beautifully presented compendium explores classic card games from every continent that many players will immediately want to add to their repertoire. The practical heart of the book details all kinds of advanced card games. For every game there is a

    • Food & Drink
      July 2009

      Great Cookies for Kids

      Fabulous, fun recipes to cook with your family

      by Joanna Joanna Farrow

      This book is great for kids and grown-ups alike. Each cookie has been specially created for children to enjoy, but the fabulous ideas are guaranteed to bring out the childish streak in most adults, too. The recipe collection includes over 50 cookies, bisc

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