• General cookery & recipes
      December 2013


      Explore the very best of Indian regional cuisine with 150 recipes from around the country, shown step by step in more than 850 pictures

      by Mridula Baljekar

      This vibrant cookbook takes you on a tour of India, introducing you to local recipes and world-renowned classics.You'll find dishes ranging from simple, mouthwatering street foods to rich, roasted delights boasting vibrant spice combinations. The recipes

    • Food & Drink
      May 2009

      Amazing Iced Desserts

      Irresistible frozen creations from sumptuous gateaux to simple sorbets

      by Joanna Farrow

      Amazing Iced Desserts contains over 80 recipes that will have friends and family clamouring for second helpings. For special occasions, there are fabulous bombes, tortes and g <a href="http://www.annesspublishing.com/mint_pageturn/excite/preview/295463

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