• History & the past: general interest (Children's/YA)
      June 2013


      Step back to the time of shoguns and samurai, with 15 step-by-step projects and over 330 exciting pictures

      by Fiona Macdonald

      Step back in time more than 30,000 years, to when the first settlers reached Japan and a highly sophisticated civilization was born. Explore the grand palaces of regal emperors and shoguns, be amazed by the fighting skills of the feuding samurai, and admi

    • Children's & YA
      March 2006

      Incredible Quests: Epic Journeys in Myth & Legend

      by Phillip Steele

      This is a collection of incredible voyages from all over the world, made in the quest of honour, glory, or dazzling rewards, to challenge terrible monsters or obliterate enemies. Superheroes, strange beasts and beautiful women overcome perilous obstacles,

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