• Gardening: plants

      the gardener's practical guide to annuals, bulbs & perennials

      by Richard Bird and Kathy Brown

      the gardener's practical guide to annuals, bulbs & perennials An illustrated encyclopedia of flower plants containing more than 1800 beautiful photographs Richard Bird and Kathy Brown - How to identify, select, plant and maintain a wide range of beautiful

    • Garden design & planning
      September 2013

      An Illustrated A-Z Guide to Houseplants

      Everything you need to know to identify, choose and care for 350 of the most popular houseplants

      by Peter McHoy

      Houseplants are available in all kinds of beautiful forms: glossy evergreens, feathery ferns, elegant palms, fascinating cacti, eye-catching flowers, and those with pretty foliage. Just like garden plants, some like sun, some like shade, some like humidit

    • Garden design & planning
      January 2008

      A Practical Guide to Japanese Gardening

      An inspirational and practical guide to creating the Japanese garden style, from design options and materials to planting techniques and decorative features

      by Charles Chesshire

      This exciting new guide offers clear, practical advice on how to create your own Japanese-style garden. After giving historical background and context, this book explores the five main Japanese gardening styles: pond gardens, dry gardens, tea gardens, str

    • Garden design & planning
      October 2008

      The Complete Practical Guide to Patio, Terrace, Backyard & Courtyard Gardening

      An inspiring sourcebook of classic and modern garden designs, with ideas and practical techniques to suit enclosed outdoor spaces of every shape and size

      by Joan Clifton Jenny Hendy

      This sumptuous new book is packed with creative ideas for making a successful outside courtyard space. An introductory section gives practical advice on assessing a site, freshening up existing tired elements and basic planting techniques. Successive chap

    • Garden design & planning
      March 2010

      The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kid's First Gardening Book

      Fantastic gardening ideas for 5-12 year olds, from growing fruit and vegetables and fun with flowers to wildlife gardening and craft projects

      by Jenny Hendy

      This exciting new book contains more than 150 projects suitable for every child from 5 to 12. An introduction covers all the basics, and eight handson project chapters then follow, covering everyday techniques, edible treats, flower power, craft projects,

    • Garden design & planning
      August 2009

      The Complete Practical Gardening Book Collection

      A how-to library of ten step-by-step books on planting for every type of garden, terrace and container, as well as easy pruning, seasonal tasks and quick techniques

      by Andrew Mikolajski, Jackie Matthews Richard Bird

      Planning and maintaining a successful garden

    • Garden design & planning
      April 2011

      The Illustrated Practical Guide to Gardening for Seniors

      How to maintain a beautiful outside space with ease and safety in later years, with 900 photographs

      by Patty Cassidy

      Tending our gardens is a lifelong pleasure. As we age, our energy and physical abilities become more limited. But gardens are magical, evolving places, with the potential to keep us young at heart, physically fit, out in the fresh air and full to the brim

    • Garden design & planning
      February 2011

      The Complete Illustrated Guide to Japanese Gardening and Growing Bonsai

      Essential advice, step-by-step techniques and projects, plans, plant listings and over 1500 photographs and illustrations

      by Charles Chesshire Ken Norman

      Japanese gardening and bonsai are horticultural disciplines where natural elements are formed for visual effect. Part one looks at the history, inspiration and method of Japanese gardening, and introduces the five styles. Chapters covering the classic fea

    • Garden design & planning
      March 2010

      The Practical Step-By-Step Book of Allotment Gardening

      The complete guide to growing fruit, vegetables and herbs on an allotment, packed with easy-to-follow advice and illustrated with more than 800 photographs

      by Christine Michael Lavelle

      In this new book, experts Michael and Christine Lavelle guide the budding allotmenteer through every step, from applying and early planning to planting and harvesting. Information on tools, equipment and soil management follows, along with a chapter on wh

    • Food & Drink
      March 2012


      The ultimate book for budding gardeners and super chefs with amazing things to grow and cook yourself, shown in over 2300 photographs

      by Nancy McDougall Jenny Hendy

      Children love to get their hands dirty and this book is packed with exciting and educational projects that will keep them entertained in both the kitchen and garden. The first half of the book will teach any young chef all they need to know to create scru

    • Garden design & planning
      September 2012


      Creative designs for plants in the home, with 120 inspirational pictures

      by Diana Yakeley

      Whether you want to brighten up a bedroom or create a style statement in a living room, houseplants provide an effective and easy way to update an interior design. In this beautiful book, you will find out how to choose and position plants to the best eff

    • Health & wholefood cookery
      August 2013


      The ultimate boxed book set for the organic cook and gardener: how to grow your own healthy produce and use it to create wholesome meals for your family

      by Ysanne Spevack and Christine Lavelle Michael Lavelle

      Reflecting our growing interest in producing and eating healthy organic food, this boxed book set is perfect for those who love cooking and gardening. There is advice on all aspects of organic gardening, from growing, watering and feeding to pruning and p

    • Garden design & planning
      March 2013


      Creating a beautiful outdoor space in under an hour a week, with 130 photographs

      by Jackie Matthews

      If you long for a beautiful garden but have limited time to create and care for one, here is a quick and handy guide that will show you how to make the garden of your dreams with minimum effort. The book explains how careful planning, design and planting

    • Garden design & planning
      July 2013


      A practical guide to year-round success in your garden, shown in over 125 photographs

      by Andrew Mikolajski

      This practical handbook takes the guesswork out of knowing what to do when in the garden, right through the year. It gives advice on preparing the ground, sowing, planting and caring for plants, and harvesting fruit and vegetables, from early spring to la

    • Gardening: shrubs & trees
      February 2015


      A gardener

      by Richard Bird

      This essential how-to guide aims to take the mystery out of pruning, showing that the correct training and pruning of ornamental garden plants has many rewards, including better flower production, healthier plants, improved plant shape and a tidier garden

    • Allotments
      February 2015


      A step-by-step guide to kitchen and allotment gardening with 1400 photographs

      by Richard Bird Jessica Houdret

      Growing your own produce is highly rewarding, and this book gives you all the knowledge you require to plan and plant your own crops. There are detailed sections on how to design a variety of kitchen and herb gardens. Beautiful plans and clear planting li

    • Gardening: growing fruit & vegetables
      February 2015


      A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully

      by Richard Bird Christine France

      First cultivated in South America, then introduced into Europe in the 16th century, the love apple or tomato is now cultivated worldwide. In this useful kitchen garden handbook, the most popular varieties are explored, including beefsteak tomatoes such

    • Specialized gardening methods
      April 2015


      A practical guide to the art of clipping, training and shaping plants

      by Jenny Hendy

      Jenny Hendy explains how topiary can be incorporated into garden styles, from traditional and contemporary to country-house and Japanese. A section on green architecture looks at larger topiary elements, including hedges, doorways and windows, and niches

    • Gardening: growing fruit & vegetables
      June 2015


      A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully

      by Richard Bird

      GROWING ROOT VEGETABLES A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully Richard Bird and Christine Ingram CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK

    • Gardening: growing fruit & vegetables
      June 2015


      A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully

      by Richard Bird

      GROWING BERRIES AND CURRANTS A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully Richard Bird and Kate Whiteman CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BO

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