• Literature: history & criticism
      October 2014

      Wang Yangming's Breaking through All the Six Encirclements

      by Xu Baoyun

      This is an excellent piece of writing about the history of Ming Dynasty. It is regarded as an entergate of Yangming psychology after after Fifteen Years of Wanli and Seven faces in Grand Ming Dynasty. This book elaborates the

    • Literary Fiction
      October 2018


      by Zhang Zhe

      Dream is about the history of national life in China in 1980's. It tells about people's daily life, the senery of Hangzhou, the outdated news and the ways of the world, the change of the families, and by making clear and real

    • Fiction

      The Jacobite's Wife

      by Morag Edwards

      Lady Winifred had a troubled childhood. Her mother, father and brother were all imprisoned for treason due to their support for the Catholic king. When she falls in love with a handsome young Scottish nobleman, the marriage brings happiness. However, s

    • History
      May 2019

      Freedom Music

      Wales, Emancipation and Jazz 1850-1950

      by Jen Wilson

      This book traces the story of how early African American and jazz music came to Wales. From Abolitionist collaborations, minstrelsy, ‘weird slave songs’, ragtime, blues, hot music and swing, the story unfolds through women’s emancipat

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      May 2016

      A History of Money

      by Glyn Davies New edition updated and edited by Dr. Duncan Connors

      A History of Money looks at how money as we know it developed through time. Starting with the barter system, the basic function of exchanging goods evolved into a monetary system based on coins made up of precious metals and, from the 1500s on

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2018

      Key Position

      China of 3000 years

      by Shi Zhan

      It's one of the best books published in 2018. 50 thousands copies were sold out w<span class="tgt" data-section="0" data-

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Great Plagues

      Virus, Destruction And the Defiance of the Empire

      by Liu Dichuan

      The focus of this book is on the plague and epidemic in the history of Qin and Han Dynasties. It not only studies the historical reasons, historical characteristics, epidemic areas and host animals of the natural epidemic diseases that caused these pla

    • Business, Economics & Law

      Zhou Yi and the way of doing business

      by Zhang Liang

      Through the vivid records of the career and business affairs of the ancients in Zhouyi, this book expounds the spirit of self-improvement in the "Book of Changes", the sense of urgency in peace and danger, the entrepreneurial concept of the new and the

    • 2015

      Supplying a deficiency on the History of Xikang

      by Feng Youzhi

      This book systematically records the two-hundred history of Xikang Province (including Ganzi, Liangshan, Ya’an) from the late Qin Dynasty to 1949, and it is the first treatise of Xikang history.

    • 2018

      Research on the History of the Three Kingdoms

      by Sun Qixiang

      The study of Shudao and the study of the history of the Three Kingdoms are two separate and related topics. The formation and extinction of the three countries are closely related to the Shudao. The war between the three countries also affects the deve

    • 2018

      National Treasure: 100 Cultural Relic Telling the History of Chinese Civilization

      by Tong Xun, Wang Yunsong

      The cultural relics carry civilization and culture. This book is a panoramic view of the National Treasures of the National Museum of China, the Palace Museum of Beijing, the National Palace Museum in Taipei, and the major museums in China, for each piece

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      January 2020

      A writer's guide to Ancient Rome

      by Carey Fleiner

      A writer's guide to Ancient Rome serves as a guide and inspiration to the Roman population, economy, laws, leisure, and religion for that author, student, general reader who seeking an introduction to what made the Romans tick. The Guide con

    • Teaching, Language & Reference

      German Language History

      An Introduction to Diachronic German Linguistics

      by Peter Ernst

      This book gives a systematic overview of the history of the German language from Old High German to the present by describing the prehistory of the German language: Indo-Germanic and Germanic, depicting language change at all l

    • Judaism
      May 2020

      At Wit's End

      by Louis Kaplan

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      October 2019

      A Little Gay History of Wales

      by Daryl Leeworthy

      A Little Gay History of Wales tells the compelling story of Welsh LGBT life from the Middle Ages to the present day. Drawing on a rich array of archival sources from across Britain, together with oral testimony and materi

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2020

      New Perspectives on Welsh Industrial History

      by Louise Miskell

      The aim of this volume is to tell a story of Welsh industrial history different to the one traditionally dominated by the coal and iron communities of Victorian and Edwardian Wales. Extending their chronological scope from the early eighteenth- to the

    • History & the past: general interest (Children's/YA)
      November 2019

      The Interactive Constitution

      Explore the Constitution with flaps, wheels, color-changing words, and more!

      by David Miles, Albert Pinilla

      Explore the U.S. Constitution like never before! Amazing interactive features like color-changing words, flaps, wheels, and a special vocabulary decoder help kids learn about types of government, checks and balances, the Bill of Rights, the amendment proc

    • Feminism & feminist theory
      October 2019



      "Eligieron ser libres" narrates the lives of almost unknown Spanish women who have not been included in the history books, despite leaving us with fascinating biographies. Her adventures are marked by rebellion and the fight against injustice, because

    • Children's & YA
      May 2020


      by G. L. MARVEL

      FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS OF INSPIRATIONAL BIOGRAPHIES,HERE IT COMES THE BOOK FOR BOYS. The inspiring life of 50 children who have become superheroes without the need for a cape or sword. With Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Andre Agassi, Antoine de Saint-Exupé

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
      November 2018


      by NACHO GOLFE

      What would you be willing to do for your grandparents? Discover this adventure through the ages. This crazy gang of friends will fight with dinosaurs, gladiators and above all, against ALZHEIMER. Fun, friendship, imagination and family. The story of a

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