• Fiction
      January 2018

      Once Upon a Time in Berlin

      by Hisham Kheshen

      A priceless Stradivarius survives and re-emerges after the Second World War. Unlike the Stradivarius strings that run in parallel, the lives of the unique violin's owners are intertwined and entangled. Covering many deca

    • January 2016

      Acacia Hills (Telal al Acacia)

      by Hisham AL Kheshen

      Once you read Acacia Hillsa bewildering question will arise: what is this novel’s genre?But aren’t the best of stories the ones that follow no rule? A haunting, unnerving and thought-provoking book, Acacia Hillsaffects the reader profoundly. The intriguin

    • January 2014


      Long List Arabic Booker prize 2015

      by Hisham Al Kheshen

      Set in the early 20th century Graphite is a novel pertaining to the opposites. Between the inauguration of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood clan & the liberal movements emerging in Egypt at the time the characters undergo a struggle as envisaged through th

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