• Fiction

      Mrs. C

      by Minna Rytisalo

      Top two best-seller from the author of Lempi: a story of love and a force looking for a way out. At the bottom of a hillside stands a grey house with eight bedrooms, six children, a schoolmaster and his wife. In her kitchen the cakes co

    • Fiction

      Maybe This Summer Everything Will Change

      by Sisko Savonlahti

      Top 10 best-selling autofiction about a young city dweller in search of happiness (and crisps). “I know I have to do something about all of this, and I have to do it kind of soon

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Shoshin: The Mind of a Novice

      by Minna Eväsoja

      Knowledge is like a vast mountain you might never conquer, but the trip is still worth it. Japanese culture has always appreciated knowledge, learning and beauty. Learning is accompanied by the concept of shoshin, the mind of a

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