• Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice
      July 2012


      Creating spiritual spaces in your environment with altars and shrines, space clearing and the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui

      by Gill Hale, Stella Martin Josephine De Winter

      A home should be a peaceful oasis, providing a calm refuge from stress and tension. This unique book is full of inspirational ideas, practical advice, beautiful photographs and helpful hints and tips to make every home a spiritual place. The book begins w

    • Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice
      January 2012


      Learn to harness the transforming power of natural energies with practical New Age techniques and over 1000 stunning photographs and artworks

      by Gill Hale, Josephine De Winter, Simon Lilly, Stella Martin Susan Lilly

      This unique compendium reveals how the vital energies of nature can be harnessed to enhance your emotional peace of mind, your physical health, happiness, well-being, and even living environment. The first part of the book explores the innate power of cry

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