• The Arts
      September 2018


      by Andrea Dorfman illustrated by Andrea Dorfman

      From the Emmy-nominated, NFB, PBS-aired animated short, Flawed is a true story of self-acceptance.​ In Flawed, author Andrea Dorfman tells the true story of how she falls for Dave, but she is conflicted about her feelings for her new love. He's a plast

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      August 2011

      The Firefly Dance

      by Sarah Addison Allen

      Bright lights flicker in the dark evenings of summer. Pinpoints of hope float against the black descent of night. The sweetest of small and innocent creatures finds its way through the shadows. Fireflies seem to dance on sheer air, illuminating the spa

    • September 2017

      Hubble’s Universe

      Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images

      by Terence Dickinson

      The first edition of Hubble’s Universe displayed 300 pages of high-resolution celestial portraits from the initial 22 years of the Hubble Space Telescope’s exploration of distant galaxies. This second edition adds another chapter with more than 36 comp

    • August 2017


      The Wagmore Edition

      by Andrew Grant

      In 2009, Andrew Grant began photographing dogs, starting with two French bulldogs at an unrelated commercial "shoot." Then he discovered the sad fact that millions of lost or abandoned dogs enter animal shelters every year. And only a few leave, throug

    • October 2017

      The Raftsmen

      by Ryan Barnett, illustrated by Dmitry Bondarenko

      In The Raftsmen, author and documentary filmmaker Ryan Barnett takes readers on an astonishing maritime adventure set in the aftermath of World War II. For four French expatriates who escaped the clutches of the Nazi regime to find asylum in Canada, ad

    • 2018

      The Universe Explained

      A Cosmic Q & A

      by Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest

      Answers to the most popular astronomy questions of today. Over the course of their illustrious work in astronomy, the authors collected hundreds of the most popular astronomy questions that they've been asked. The Universe Explained answers questions abou

    • October 2017

      Escape from Syria

      by Samya Kallub and Jackie Roche

      Escape from Syria is a fictionalized account that calls on real-life circumstances and true tales of refugee families to serve as a microcosm of the Syrian uprising and the war and refugee crisis that followed. The story spans six years in the lives of

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