• July 2011

      History in Irish Historical Fiction for Children and Young Adults

      by Eva Muhle

      Historical fiction, whether for young or adult readers, enjoys immense popularity in Ireland. History itself has been subject to ongoing cultural, political and historiographical debate in a rapidly changing Irish society. This interdisciplinary study exa

    • January 2018

      The River

      by Anna Fiske

      The River is a quiet and beautifully illustrated novel about the big and small things that make life difficult for teenage Helena. She feels like she's just washing away, like the water beneath the ice in the river she sees each day on her way t

    • Children's & YA

      Green Stuff

      Nature and environment and things

      by Ole Mathismoen

      Green Stuff introduces environmental issues in a fresh and accessible way. The book is a collection of comic strips about climate and the environment. The strips have since 2016 been on the back of Norways’s largest newspaper’s edi

    • A Sky Full of Clouds

      by Arne Svingen

      When you’ve been to the doctor and got the worst possible news—what then? Well, Henrik knows what he’s going to do—he’s going to save the environment. And that’s a pretty tall order! Where would you even start? Henri

    • Andromeda

      by Lars Mæhle

      Almost 2 metres tall, 16 year-old Simon looks like strength personified. His violent persona leads the police to arrest him and then, with the aid of social services, forcibly relocate him to yet another foster home. This time he is sent from Oslo to a

    • Fault Lines

      by Heidi Sævareid

      Daniel goes missing without a trace from the Glastonbury Festival and his family is afraid as to what might have happened. In order to find him, Daniel’s little sister Hedda begins to dig into the past. She discovers that her brother has lived

    • Shhh

      by Magnhild Winsnes

      Everything that is suddenly a secret. This summer Hanna realises that she is lagging behind in just about everything: hobbies, friends, her body, boys, EVERYTHING. Through various experiences, encounters and discoveries Winsnes portrays the trans

    • Otherwise I'm Not a Human Being

      by Agnar Lirhus

      Mathilde is fourteen. She doesn't want to go to school. Mom doesn't understand what's going on – even when Mathilde ends up in the hospital. She doesn't have any friends other than a dog named Eddi, and Xiu, her friend she plays with online. But

    • Shameless

      by Amina Bile, Sofia Nesrine Srour, Nancy Herz

      Nancy Herz, Sofia Nesrine Srour and Amina Bile have over the past year collected stories from girls who have personally experienced negative social control. In Shameless they discuss what it feels like to be constantly limited, corrected and shamed, an

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