• Children's & YA


      by Ben Hubbard

      Spanning history from Ancient Egypt through Roman, Greek and Aztec times, History Spy brings the past to life using devices which never fail to get attention. Stunning art, cunning mazes, and a spy adventure draw young readers into the heart of t

    • Fiction
      January 2018

      Once Upon a Time in Berlin

      by Hisham Kheshen

      A priceless Stradivarius survives and re-emerges after the Second World War. Unlike the Stradivarius strings that run in parallel, the lives of the unique violin's owners are intertwined and entangled. Covering many deca

    • Fiction
      January 2016

      One Ticket to Cairo

      by Achraf El Achmawi

      This novel focuses on the problem of one of the minority groups in Egypt who are the Nubians, one of the oldest civilizations in the world who lived alongside the Nile River between Egypt and Sudan. Through the hero of this novel “Aguiba”, who is a Nubian

    • Fiction
      January 2015

      Al Azbakia 

      Winner of Katara Prize For Arabic Novel 2016

      by Nasr Iraq

      In Al-Azbakia, Nasser Iraq endeavors to draw on the past, specifically the time when Muhammad Ali Pasha ruled Egypt, in an attempt to make sense of the present. His purpose is to shed light on some of today’s details that many fail to recognize as nothing

    • Fiction
      January 2008

      Chanting of A Swan

      Arabic Booker Shortlist & State Incentive Award

      by Mekawi Saeed

      The best description of “Taghreeda El-Bagaa (Chanting of A Swan)” novel for the writer Mekawi Saeed is that it is an award-winning novel; as the it won the State Incentive Award and reached the short list of the “Arab Booker” 20

    • January 2015

      I Am Free

      by Ihsan Abd El Quddous

      One of the main novels that called for women liberation during the 20th century. It is considered a real application for all ideas that the great Arab thinker Qasim Amin called for. The novel revolves around a middle-class girl called Amina who growsup to

    • January 2016

      And I have Forgotten I was a woman

      by Ihsan Abd El Quddous

      As women liberation was one of the main issues during the 20th century, Ihsan Abdel Quddous was so concerned with this issue. In this novel, he argues that woman liberation and participation in the social and political life shouldn’t negatively impact her

    • January 2016

      Cats of the Last Year

      by Ibrahim Abd AL Mageed

      In this novel, Ibrahim Abdel Meguidhas created afictionalworld that represents Egypt and all what happened in it the 25th of January Revolution. In a country called “Lawend” lives a king called “Ameer Apo Alasaker.“ This king is adictatorwho possesses am

    • January 2015

      The Last Moorish

      Shadows of Al-Andalus on Tahrir square!

      by Sobhy Mousa

      In his novel The Last Mooris Sobhy Musawanders through the ruins and sorrows of the ancient Andalusian historyand the joys and great ambitionsoftoday’s Egypt.Musa takes the reader to worlds of grief, connecting the legendary and painful past with an excep

    • January 2014

      Cairo Now

      Short List Sheikh Zayed literature Award 2015

      by Ibrahim Abd AL Mageed

      In his latest novel, we travel with Ibrahim Abdel Meguid back to the seventies which, as he views, marked a major transformational shift in modern Egyptian society. It was in this decade, Meguid argues, that the achievements of the 1952 Revolution and the

    • Political science & theory
      May 2019

      The Uprisings in Egypt

      The Mobilisation and Ban of Popular Committees and Independent Trade Unions

      by Author(s): Giuseppe Acconcia

      By adopting Social Movement Theories (SMT) as a basic framework to analyze the 2011 uprisings in the Middle East, this book disentangles the role of alternative networks and other forms of political conflict with reference to the Egyptian case in mobilisi

    • Theology
      October 2012

      The Religions of Old Egypt

      by Françoise Dunand/Christine Zivie-Coche

      This Presentation takes Egypt's entire history into account. Reaching from the beginning to the end of this culture, it also takes the end of the religion of the pharaohs into account. Next to Greeks, Judeans, Syrians and Christians came to Egypt. How

    • Peace studies & conflict resolution
      October 2012

      The Politics of Security Sector Reform in Egypt

      by Daniel Brumberg, Hesham Sallam

      The U.S. Institute of Peace Security Sector Governance Center is engaged in a funded study of the prospects for security sector reform in North Africa. This report on Egypt is part of a series of country-focused reports on this topic.

    • January 2011

      Writings of Early Scholars in the Ancient Near East, Egypt, Rome, and Greece

      Translating Ancient Scientific Texts

      by Annette Imhausen, Tanja Pommerening

      Medicine, astronomy, dealing with numbers ? even the cultures of the “pre-modern” world offer a rich spectrum of scientific texts. But how are they best translated? Is it sufficient to translate the sources into modern scientific language, and thereby, ab

    • November 2009

      Images of Egypt in Early Biblical Literature

      Cisjordan-Israelite, Transjordan-Israelite, and Judahite Portrayals

      by Stephen C. Russell

      Thisbook offers a regional paradigm for understanding the development of the traditions about Egypt and the exodus in the Hebrew Bible. It offers fresh readings of the golden calf stories in 1 Kings 12:25-33 and Exodus 32, the Balaam oracles in Numbers 22

    • January 1979

      Symbols of Ancient Egypt in the Late Period

      The Twenty-first Dynasty

      by Beatrice L. Goff

      The series Religion and Society (RS) contributes to the exploration of religions as social systems– both in Western and non-Western societies; in particular, it examines religions in their differentiation from, and intersection with, other cultural system

    • July 2017

      Women in post-revolutionary Egypt

      Can Behaviour Be Controlled?

      by Mette Toft Nielsen, Hervik Peter

      This book addresses how identity, structures, and agency affect women’s everyday lives in post-revolutionary Egypt. The authors analyses the topic both on a macro- as well as on a micro-level. Through interviews and workshops, women around Egypt express t

    • History of Art: Ancient & Classical Art, BCE to c.500 CE

      The Hidden Life of Ancient Egypt

      Decoding the Secrets of a Lost World

      by Clare Gibson

      The Hidden Life of Ancient Egypt' explores in stunning images and straightforward language how the symbolism encoded in the art and artefacts of this great empire can be the key to understanding the rites, thoughts, and daily life of ancient Egyptians.

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