• The natural world, country life & pets

      Mesa Verde National Park

      Shadows of the Centuries

      by Duane A Smith

      Originally published in 1988, MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK: SHADOWS OF THE CENTURIES is an engaging and artfully illustrated history of an enigmatic assemblage of canyons and mesas tucked into the southwestern corner of Colorado. Duane A Smith reco

    • Teaching, Language & Reference


      A History in Photographs

      by Duane A Smith , Richard N Ellis

      Photography in Colorado was encouraged as early as 1861, when newspaper editor William Byers wrote in the Rocky Mountain News, 'Secure the shadow, ere the substance perish', and roused the citizenry to take photographs of their families, friends, lands

    • Baseball

      They Came to Play

      A Photographic History of Colorado Baseball

      by Duane A Smith

      Over one hundred and thirty years ago, pioneers arriving in Colorado during the Civil War era brought the game of baseball to the high and dry Rocky Mountains frontier. From the days of games in pastures with no gloves to the high drama of Coors Field

    • History of medicine

      No One Ailing Except a Physician

      Medicine in the Mining West, 1848-1919

      by Duane A. Smith, Ronald C. Brown

      From burying scurvy victims up to their necks in the earth to drinking kerosene mixed with sugar to treat influenza, mid-nineteenth century medicine in the mining communities of the West usually consisted of home remedies that were often remarkable for

    • Local history

      Silver Saga

      The Story of Caribou, Colorado

      by Duane A Smith

      Revised and updated, Duane A Smith's classic study of this important silver mining town is back in print.

    • Military history

      A Time for Peace

      Fort Lewis, Colorado, 1878-1891

      by Duane A Smith

      TIME FOR PEACE, historian Duane Smith's chronicle of southwest Colorado's Fort Lewis, belies the Western myth of soldiers riding out from isolated posts to rescue wagon trains and protect pioneer towns. Long on daily routine and blissfully short on act

    • Industry & industrial studies

      Mining America

      The Industry & the Environment, 1800-1980

      by Duane A Smith

      Throughout the nineteenth century, miners were given virtually free rein to profit without having to worry about impacts to the land, water, and air. But during the twentieth century, the mining industry has evidenced serious concerns about its effects

    • Civil engineering, surveying & building

      Song of the Hammer and Drill

      The Colorado San Juans, 1860-1914

      by Duane A Smith

      As one of the great mining regions of Colorado and the United States, the San Juan Mountains provide insight into the development of both the industry and the state. First published in 1982, Song of the Hammer and Drill, with the help of more t

    • Dance & other performing arts

      Ballad of Baby Doe

      "i Shall Walk Beside My Love"

      by Duane A Smith , John Moriarty

      First produced at the Central City Opera House in 1956, 'The Ballad of Baby Doe' is now widely considered a classic and is the second most produced American opera. In THE BALLAD OF BABY DOE, Smith tells the tale of the complicated birth of this most Am

    • History

      Rocky Mountain Boom Town

      by Duane A Smith

      Western American History.

    • Biography: historical, political & military

      Henry M. Teller

      Colorado's Grand Old Man

      by Duane A Smith

      Serving longer in the US Senate than any other Coloradan, Henry M Teller was one of the Centennial State's greatest statesmen and political leaders. Teller was a prime example of what a politician should be in an era when elected officials left a great

    • History of engineering & technology

      Trail of Gold & Silver

      Mining in Colorado, 1859-2009

      by Duane A Smith

      Historian Duane A Smith details Colorado's mining saga -- a story that stretches from the beginning of the gold and silver mining rush in the mid-nineteenth century into the twenty-first century. Gold and silver mining laid the foundation for Colorado'

    • Educational: History


      The Highest State

      by Thomas J Noel , Duane A Smith

      Chronicling the people, places, and events of the state's colourful history, this is the story of how Colorado grew up. Through booms and busts in farming and ranching, mining and railroading, and water and oil, Colorado's past is a cycle of ups and do

    • Horace Tabor

      by Smith, Duane A.

      Worldwide rights available excluding English language rights for sale and distribution in Canada and the United States, including U.S. territories and possessions. Horace Tabor: His Life and the Legend is the first biography

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