• Fantasy
      July 2014

      Wilhelmstadt. Die Abenteuer der Johanne deJonker. Band 1 / Die Maschinen des Saladin Sansibar

      by Dresen, Andreas

      Wilhelmstadt, 1899. The German Venice of Steel. A highly industrialized, though run/down city, fallen prey to the lure of brown coal, is the setting of a conspiracy amidst steam engines and mechanical apparatuses. In the dead of night, the “Juggernauth” g

    • Fantasy
      February 2011

      Ava und die STADT des schwarzen Engels

      Ein STADTroman

      by Dresen, Andreas

      A golem in the middle of the city on a bright day – Fahrat cannot believe his eyes. Normal people cannot see the loamy being, but even for the young Schwertler (swordler) this is an unsettling view. Even though he usually prefers a good wine over any adve

    • December 2016

      Andreas Dresen

      by Julian Preece, Nick Hodgin

      Andreas Dresen is a leading European filmmaker whose œuvre now spans three decades and includes some of the most acclaimed German films of recent times, such as Halbe Treppe (Grill Point, 2002), Sommer vorm Balkon (Summer in Berlin, 2005) and Halt auf fre

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