• The Arts: General Issues

      Last Dawn

      The Royal Oak Tragedy at Scapa Flow

      by David Turner

    • June 2002

      The Spirit Lives

      A Personal Journey from Loss to Understanding through Religious Experience

      by David H. Turner

      The Spirit Lives recounts the author’s struggle with the death of his young son and his subsequent journeying in search of stability and meaning. During his encounters with Christian monasticism, Balinese Hinduism, a variety of traditions in north India,

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2018

      Disability in the Industrial Revolution

      Physical impairment in British coalmining, 1780–1880

      by David M. Turner, Daniel Blackie, Julie Anderson

      An electronic version of this book is also available under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-ND) license, thanks to the support of the Wellcome Trust. The Industrial Revolution produced injury, illness and disablement on a large scale and nowhere was this mor

    • May 2004

      Service Provision

      Technologies for Next Generation Communications

      by Kenneth J. Turner, Evan H. Magill, David J. Marples

      This book provides the first overview of the service technologies available to telecoms operators working in a post-convergence world. Previous books have focused either on computer networks or on telecoms networks. This is the first to bring the two toge

    • September 2015

      Global Vegetation Dynamics

      Concepts and Applications in the MC1 Model

      by Dominique Bachelet, David Turner

      Global Vegetation Dynamics: Concepts and Applications in MC1 model describes the creation in the mid 1990s, architecture, uses, and limitations of the MC1 dynamic global vegetation model (DGVM) that is being used by an increasing number of resea

    • November 2001

      The Biogeochemistry of Iron in Seawater

      by David R. Turner, Keith A. Hunter

      Intensive research carried out during the 1990's (known as the "Iron Age of Oceanography") provided a wealth of new information and this title, written by acknowledged experts and reviewed by international specialists, provides the authoritative and compr

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