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    • August 2011

      10 Second Sermons

      ... and even quicker illustrations

      by Milton Jones (By (author))

      Christianity is like a Cornish pastie. There's something in it, but sometimes it's difficult to find out what it is.' Award-winning comedian Milton Jones dissects the great pastie of faith with some short, sharp one-liners about God, the Church and being

    • April 2012

      10 Things You Can Do to Feel Happier Straight Away

      by Dr Chris Williams (By (author))

      These amazing little books are potential life-savers. Using simple text and bold design, each book meets the reader at a point of low mood or unhelpful thinking, and guides them through rational thought processes to a more positive mood and a healthier ou

    • Anglican & Episcopalian Churches, Church of England
      January 2014

      Anglican Identities (new edition)

      by Rowan Williams (By (author))

      Is there an ‘Anglican identity’? Or is living with the tension between different temperaments and histories itself at the heart of the genius of Anglicanism? Anglican Identities draws together studies and profiles by Rowan Williams that sympathetically ex

    • Biography: religious & spiritual
      June 2014

      Archbishop Justin Welby: Risk-taker and Reconciler

      by Andrew Atherstone (By (author))

      When the search for a new Archbishop of Canterbury began, Justin Welby had been a bishop for only four and a half months. He had little media profile and barely figured in the early speculations about Rowan Williams’ successor. Welby claimed that

    • Christian theology
      May 2010

      Bible and Ecology

      Rediscovering the Community of Creation

      by Richard Bauckham (By (author))

      In this well-argued and timely book, Bauckham considers the relationship of humans to the rest of creation. He argues that there is much more to the Bible’s understanding of this relationship than the mandate of human dominion given in Genesis 1,

    • Christian social thought & activity
      October 2003

      Clashing Symbols

      An Introduction to Faith and Culture

      by Michael Paul Gallagher (By (author))

      What is the place of religious belief modern culture? Recent years have seen cataclysmic changes in society, yet, far from being banished from today's world, religion is assuming a new significance. Since its original publication in 1997, Clashing Symb

    • Health & Personal Development
      March 2017

      Dear Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother

      100 letters for your Healing and Thriving

      by Danu Morrigan

      Following on from the tremendously successful You’re Not Crazy – It’s Your Mother comes a second book by its author Danu Morrigan this time comprising 100 letters written by the author to daughters of narcissistic mothers (DoNMs) offe

    • Christianity
      December 2004

      Discovering Girard

      by Michael Kirwan (By (author))

      The work of Rene Girard is hugely influential in literature and cultural studies. But it is in understanding the relationship between religion and violence that his theory has created the greatest impact. Girard’s understanding of mimetic rivalry

    • June 2001

      Dive Deeper

      The Human Poetry of Faith

      by Michael Paul Gallagher (By (author))

      If we are to reach people with the Christian vision we must abandon our tired religious languages. The starting point lies further back: in the ordinary dramas of everyday life, in friendship, failure, suffering and solitude. Michael Paul Gallagher use

    • Christian theology
      April 2010

      Door into the Sacred

      A Meditation on the Hail Mary

      by Paul Murray (By (author))

      A short but intense and beautifully written study of the ‘Hail Mary’ by the Irish theologian, poet and Dominican priest, Paul Murray. For almost an entire millennium the most commonly repeated prayer in the Church, apart from the Our Father

    • May 2010

      Faith Maps

      Ten Religious Explorers from Newman to Joseph Ratzinger

      by Michael Paul Gallagher (By (author))

      In Faith Maps a theologian of great flair and originality ‘translates’ the voices of several leading thinkers into a series of reflections on faith and contemporary life and culture. The result is both a delightful introduction to theology

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      February 2017

      Fierce Imaginings

      The Great War, Ritual, Memory and God

      by Rachel Mann

      From Rachel Mann, Canon Poet-in-Residence at Manchester cathedral, comes a lyrical and very personal story of remembrance, faith, family and identity shaped by the chaos and trauma wrought by the Great War and the flux in early twentieth century Europe. Rachel brilliantly explores the significance of the War to all of us today who live under its long shadow – our shared memories, culture and the symbols and relics that linger on all around us, as well as the influence of the Great War on her grandparents and how it echoed through her childhood in 1970s Britain discovering her authentic self in God, undergoing a change of sex and experiencing chronic illness and disability. ;

    • Christian prayer
      July 2010

      Finding Your Hidden Treasure

      The Way of Silent Prayer

      by Benigus O'Rourke OSA (By (author))

      The most important journey in life is the journey inwards, to the depths of our own being. It is a journey we are all invited to make. It takes us beyond words and images into silence. The silence allows the restless mind to become still and in the sti

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      March 2018

      Following The Celtic Way

      by Ian Bradley

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      September 2017

      Found Out

      Women’s faith in sexuality

      by Alison Webster

      More than twenty years after Found Wanting, her acclaimed critique of the Church and women’s sexuality, Alison Webster presents a positive book of practical theology that gives voice to the experiences of marginalised women. In response to the ch

    • Christian life & practice
      January 2008

      God of Surprises

      by Gerard W. Hughes (By (author))

      Jesus said, ‘The kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field’. God of Surprises shows how we can find that treasure in the most unlikely of places – ourselves. Written for ‘bewildered, confused and disillusioned Christia

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      June 2017

      Hidden Wings

      Emerging from troubled times with new hope and deeper wisdom

      by Margaret Silf

      Hidden Wings is a superb book of spiritual transformation and hope for the future, by Margaret Silf, the bestselling author of Landmarks and At Sea with God. As the world around us moves into a period of immense and tumultuous change, and the structure

    • Christianity
      February 2009

      I Loved Jesus in the Night

      Mother Teresa of Calcutta

      by Paul Murray (By (author))

      I Loved Jesus in the Night is one priest’s compelling memories of the icon of compassion. Sharing anecdote and firsthand experiences, Fr. Paul Murray gives a glimpse into why Mother Teresa had feelings of being a “saint of darkness.”

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience
      February 2016

      Into Extra Time

      Living through the final stages of cancer and jottings along the way

      by Michael Paul Gallagher (By (author))

      Into Extra Time comprises the powerful reflections of Fr Michael Paul Gallagher SJ which he wrote during the final months of his life following a diagnosis of cancer. ‘Never has faith seemed so real. This is not out of fear (as some atheists migh

    • The historical Jesus
      January 2008

      Jesus: A Portrait

      by Gerald O'Collins (By (author))

      Much of what one sees or reads about Jesus is deliberately sensationalist or evasive. Producers and writers raise issues of merely historical interest, highlight trivial matters, or allege that "cover-ups" have hidden the "re

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