• Mystery

      Granny Hooks a Crook

      A Fuchsia Minnesota Mystery

      by Julie Seedorf

      Granny leads a secret life in the small, unique community of Fuschia, Minnesota. It’s not just her all junk food diet, multiplying pets, or her shocking bedtime attire that makes Granny one in a million. No, Granny is an undercover co

    • General & world history

      Spitfire Pilot

      A Personal Account of the Battle of Britain

      by D. M. Crook

      Written in 1940 in the heat of battle when the RAF stood alone against Hitler's Third Reich, this is a tremendous personal account of one of the fiercest and most idealised air conflicts, the Battle Of Britain. Often hopelessly outnumbered, Flight Lieuten

    • August 2004

      Reconceptualising Conversion

      Patronage, Loyalty, and Conversion in the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean

      by Zeba A. Crook

      Combining classical, epigraphical, and biblical sources with social-scientific methodology, this monograph questions the way in which modern scholarship has tended to discuss ancient conversion. The author challenges long-held assumptions of psychological

    • February 2007

      Darwin’s Coat-Tails

      Essays on Social Darwinism

      by Paul Crook

      Darwin’s evolutionary ideas have been of immense social and political significance, filtering into an amazing galaxy of ideologies and agendas. This book focuses upon Social Darwinism, analyzing the concept, exploring its social origins, showing how peopl

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      September 2018

      Pacific Climate Cultures

      Living Climate Change in Oceania

      by Tony Crook, Peter Rudiak-Gould

      Low-lying Pacific island nations are experiencing the frontline of sea-level rises and climate change and are responding creatively and making-sense in their own vernacular terms. Pacific Climate Cultures aims to bring Oceanic philosophies to

    • January 1996

      Hege die Äse, um die Wurzlen zu schützen

      Die Unterweisungen von Meister Sheng-Yen über Kraft und Tiefe der Zen-Erfahrungen

      by Sheng-Yen / Beiträge von Crook, John; Übersetzt von Cologna, Günter

    • January 2016

      Planning Gain

      Providing Infrastructure and Affordable Housing

      by Tony Crook, John Henneberry, Christine Whitehead

      Winner of the Royal Town Planning Institute award for research excellenceThis critical examination of the development and implementation of planning gain is timely given recent changes to the economic and policy environment.<br

    • April 2015

      The Dream Cafe

      Lessons in the Art of Radical Innovation

      by Duncan Bruce, Geoff Crook

      Get out of the office and dream! To keep your brand innovative you need to feed your creative spirit and the office is not the place to do that. So get out, disrupt and reimagine the status quo, get into a café and dream. Re

    • Football (Soccer, Association football)
      October 2015

      AFC Bournemouth Match of My Life

      Cherries Relive Their Greatest Games

      by Alex Crook and Pat Symes

      Twenty AFC Bournemouth legends come together to relive the magical moments from the most memorable matches in the club's rollercoaster history. From Ted MacDougall's record-breaking nine-goal haul to arguably the Cherries' greatest ever victory against th

    • Football (Soccer, Association football)
      October 2014

      Southampton Match of My Life

      Eighteen Saints Relive Their Greatest Games

      by Joe Batchelor and Alex Crook

      Eighteen Saints legends tell the stories behind their favourite ever games for the club enabling fans of all ages to relive these magic moments through the eyes and emotions of the men who were there, pulling on the famous red-and-white stripes. From Alan

    • Travel & holiday guides
      June 2014


      by Steven Crook

      Taiwan is one of the most crowded countries on Earth but beyond the ocean of people and vehicles, far from the neon and noise that confronts new arrivals, there’s an island of breathtaking mountain vistas, bird-rich forests and quaint villages where folk

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