• The Arts
      October 2018

      Glimpses of Gardens in Eastern China

      by TUNG Jun, TUNG Ming (translator)

      The architect Chuin Tung introduced the classic beauty of Chinese gardens to the world through this book The interest of garden appreciation: pro

    • December 2005

      The «Chinese Garden in Good Taste»

      Jesuits and Europe’s Knowledge of Chinese Flora and Art of the Garden in the 17th and 18th Centuries

      by Bianca M. Rinaldi

      During the eighteenth century, Europe saw a radical change in taste in the art of the garden that led to the development and spread over the continent of gardens inspired by an artistic naturalness. A contribution to this process was also given by the Soc

    • The Arts
      March 2011

      The Chinese Garden

      Garden Types for Contemporary Landscape Architecture

      by Bianca Maria Rinaldi

      With their centuries-long development, the English landscape garden, the formal French garden, as well Japanese and Chinese gardens constitute an unparalleled repository of design solutions familiar throughout the world. They are frequently drawn upon

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