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    • January 2017

      Faith, Life and Leadership

      8 Canadian Women Tell Their Stories

      by Lang, Georgialee

      Here are 8 prominent women in leadership in Canada who are led by God’s Spirit, who have come forward to serve as mentors and models for others. As successful, godly Canadian women, each is a distinguished leader in her field, willing to share the unique

    • October 2017

      Faith, Leadership and Public Life

      Leadership Lessons from Moses to Jesus

      by Manning, Preston

    • November 2017

      Hannah’s Hope

      A Mully Children’s Rescue Story

      by Boge, Paul H

      This is the true story of Hannah, a happy and imaginative little girl growing up in rural Kenya. Suddenly Hannah and her little sister are left all alone with the passing of their parents and they are faced with a desperate future. They find temporary ref

    • October 2017

      Seven Whole Days

      by Guite, Ayodeji Malcolm

      Malcolm Guite is a well-known and respected English poet, singer-songwriter, Anglican priest, and academic, widely acknowledged for his writings on the intersection of religion and the arts. His poetry was once characterized as “modern-day metaphysical po

    • September 2017

      The Boy who Sang for the Angels

      by Cantelon, James

      The Boy Who Sang for the Angels is a beautifully illustrated children’s book for ages 7-12 years however, it can be read by "children of all ages” because of its universal appeal. The story is set in the European Middle Ages, and follows the touching acco

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2008

      Bent Hope

      A Street Journal

      by Tim Huff

      It has been called one of the greatest tragedies of our time. In an age of prosperity and plenty, hundreds of thousands of people continue to find themselves destitute and homeless. Bent Hope was born out of Tim Huff’s unique and extensive twenty

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2015

      Getting Jesus Right

      How Muslims get Jesus and Islam Wrong

      by Dr Craig Evans, Dr James Beverley

      IS IT POSSIBLE THAT MUSLIMS ARE WRONG ABOUT JESUS AND VARIOUS TENETS OF ISLAM? Is the famous Muslim writer Reza Aslan mistaken in his portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth and apologetic for Islam? Professor James Beverley and Professor Craig Evans take an in

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 2016

      The Grace Factor

      Makeup techniques for the woman over 50

      by Deborah Williams

      This is a book about beauty for women who are aging. In a world that embraces and values youth. This book can help you appreciate what you have and make the most of what you have. Simple techniques that ensure you will never go back to your old ways. E

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2013


      Spiritual Exercises to Develop Intimacy with God

      by Dr David Sherbino

      This book is filled with daily exercises and spiritual disciplines to help you draw close to God. It covers a period of seven weeks and if you follow it carefully, you will notice a change in your spiritual practice and devotion.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      September 2011

      What Happens When I Die

      A Promise of the Afterlife

      by Dr Brian Stiller

      An award-winning book. Life, as we know it, will end. It’s not a thought that tends to occupy our minds when we are young and in full health and vigor. We take risks, some foolhardy. We live as though we were immortal. And then when we have our own childr

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 2016

      Leading Me

      Eight Practices for a Christian Leader's Most Important Assignment

      by Dr Steve Brown

      You are your most important and most difficult leadership assignment. Leading Me will help you get traction on living a Christ-centered, holistic, sustainable and fruitful life of impact. Grounded in biblical truth, utilizing the latest research and draw

    • October 2016

      But If Not

      588 Days Living with Cancer

      by Pue, Brenda

      Brenda Pue was a remarkable woman and it is not surprising that this account of her last days is equally remarkable. You often hear it said that someone lost their battle with cancer. To read this book is not to read of any "Lost" battle. In fact, to read

    • March 2008

      Bent Hope

      A Street Journal

      by Huff, Tim J

      The winner of 3 book awards as best book in it's category, Bent Hope was born out of Tim Huff’s first twenty years of unique and extensive work among homeless and street-involved youth and adults, in one of North America’s largest urban centres—Toronto, C

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