• Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 2017

      Space Exploration

      Past, Present, Future

      by Carolyn Collins Petersen

      Humanity has always looked to the stars, but it hasn’t been until relatively recently that we have managed to travel into space. Carolyn Collins Petersen takes us on a journey from the first space pioneers and their work, through the First World Warled technological advances in rocketry that formed the basis for the Space Age, to the increasing corporate interest in space. This detailed examination of our steps into space is viewed from our potential future there – on Mars to be exact – and considers how we will reach that point. The author concludes with our current advances and our immediate ambitions in space exploration. The future and its scientific possibilities are enthralling: who will be the first to step on Mars? Will matter/antimatter annihilations take us to the Kuiper Belt, or will it be ion propulsion? What is the Alcubierre Warp Drive? Will it take us to the stars?

    • Science & Mathematics
      November 2019

      The Discovery of the Universe

      A History of Astronomy and Observatories

      by Carolyn Collins Petersen

      Like time machines, observatories reveal distant objects as they once existed, almost too far away to imagine. Their telescopes are our portals to the Universe, to let us understand how it works. This book charts the progress of astronomy through the obs

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