• Anthropology
      November 2019

      Morality at the Margins

      by Sarah Hillewaert

    • Philosophy
      October 2019

      Welcoming Finitude

      by Christina M. Gschwandtner

    • Judaism
      May 2020

      At Wit's End

      by Louis Kaplan

    • Autobiography: general
      April 2020

      That Further Shore

      A Memoir of Irish Roots and American Promise

      by John D. Feerick, Thomas J. Shelley

      John Feerick has an impressive reputation that he has acquired in both the legal profession and in the wider world of academia and politics. He is deeply admired for his commitment to his family, to the Fordham School of Law, and to public service.

    • Press & journalism
      March 2020

      America's Last Great Newspaper War

      The Death of Print in a Two-Tabloid Town

      by Mike Jaccarino

      The prose will be a joy for anyone who loves a well-crafted phrase-turn. It is constructed to evoke Chandler’s Marlowe books; to endure and, if lost, to one day be rediscovered. The author is a tabloid rewrite man and he slaved over it for a decade.

    • Political science & theory
      March 2020

      Crimmigrant Nations

      by Robert Koulish, Maartje van der Woude

    • Fiction
      September 2019

      Legacy of Magic - The Complete Shadow Chronicles (Slipcase)

      by Andreas Suchanek

      History as you know it is a lie! For over a century the Wall has been hiding the magic society from human eyes, ensuring peace and equality between magicians and humans alike. However, a war for dominance rages in the shadows. Jennifer Danvers is a War

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      September 2019

      Introducing the Medieval Dragon

      by Thomas Honegger

      It is the aim of this short study to explore the characteristics of the medieval dragon, to describe its pedigree in antiquity and beyond, to discuss the different and sometimes differing views on the dragon in the relevant medieval text types –

    • Business, Economics & Law
      October 2019

      Making Human Dignity Central to International Human Rights Law

      A Critical Legal Argument

      by Matthew McManus

      In recent years, there has been an explosion of writing on the topic of human dignity across a plethora of different academic disciplines. Despite this explosion of interest, there is one group – critical legal scholars – that has devoted l

    • Geography & the Environment
      October 2019

      Energy, the Great Driver

      Seven Revolutions and the Challenges of Climate Change

      by Gareth Wyn Jones

      This book explores the relationships between energy, work, power and material and social complexity over the last four billion years, suggesting that in six revolutions this relationship has been fundamental to the trajectory of life on our planet. The

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      October 2019

      A Little Gay History of Wales

      by Daryl Leeworthy

      A Little Gay History of Wales tells the compelling story of Welsh LGBT life from the Middle Ages to the present day. Drawing on a rich array of archival sources from across Britain, together with oral testimony and materi

    • History
      October 2019

      The Economy of Medieval Wales, 1067-1536

      by Matthew Frank Stevens

      This book surveys the economy of Wales from Norman invasion to Anglo-Welsh union. Key themes include the evolution of the agrarian economy; the growth of towns; the adoption of a money economy; English colonization; the collapse of native Welsh social

    • Literary studies: classical, early & medieval
      November 2019

      Middle English Devotional Compilations

      Composing Imaginative Variations in Late Medieval England

      by Diana Denissen

      Middle English Devotional Compilations approaches compiling as a literary activity and as an active way of shaping the medieval text. This monograph examines three major but understudied Middle English devotional compilations in depth: the Pore Cai

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      November 2019

      John Ormond’s Organic Mosaic

      Poetry, Documentary, Nation

      by Kieron Smith

      In a uniquely dualistic creative career spanning five decades, John Ormond made major contributions to both English-language poetry and documentary filmmaking. Born in Swansea, he learned to ‘think in terms of pictures’ while working as a j

    • The Arts
      November 2019

      Masks in Horror Cinema

      Eyes Without Faces

      by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

      Why has the mask been such an enduring generic motif in horror cinema? This book explores its transformative potential historically across myriad cultures, particularly in relation to its ritual and myth-making capacities, and its intersection with pow

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2020

      New Perspectives on Welsh Industrial History

      by Louise Miskell

      The aim of this volume is to tell a story of Welsh industrial history different to the one traditionally dominated by the coal and iron communities of Victorian and Edwardian Wales. Extending their chronological scope from the early eighteenth- to the

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      February 2020

      New Theoretical Perspectives on Dylan Thomas

      “ A writer of words, and nothing else”?

      by Kieron Smith and Rhian Barfoot

      Dylan Thomas’s reputation precedes him. In keeping with his claim that he held ‘a beast, an angel, and a madman in him’, interpretations of his work have ranged from solemn adoration to dubious mythologising. His many voices continue

    • Anthropology
      May 2020

      Textures of the Ordinary

      by Veena Das

    • Asian history
      March 2020

      Uniquely Okinawan

      by Courtney A. Short

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