• Quick & easy cooking
      October 2011


      Sun-drenched dishes from Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece, France and Italy, with more than 300 photographs

      by Beverly Jollands

      315 vibrant dishes from the cuisines of southern Europe and northern Africa, with something for every meal, from a special occasion or dining al fresco to a quick weekday supper Clear step-by-step instructions for making regional classics such French Oni

    • Cooking with herbs & spices
      May 2011

      300 Best-Ever Hot & Spicy Recipes

      A sizzling collection of the spiciest recipes from around the world, shown in more than 300 mouthwatering photographs

      by Beverly Jollands

      Spices, chillies and aromatic flavourings can enhance any kind of food. This attractive volume brings together 300 hot and spicy recipes from the world s spiciest cuisines. The recipes in this book show you how to make the most of wonderful, zingy ingredi

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