• Diets & dieting
      January 2013

      Natural Energy

      by Basant K. Puri

      Aims to extend the principles of treating M E with a diet rich in phospho-lipids to the promotion of greater energy in any individual. This book also shows that modern lifestyles are blamed for tiredness, but poor diet has a much more significant

    • Diseases & disorders

      Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

      A Natural Way to Treat ADHD

      by Basant K. Puri

      Does your child have poor concentration and an inability to relax? Does your child do crazily reckless things that can't be explained afterwards? Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD? * Are you caring for or teaching children with ADHD? Or do you ha

    • Food & Drink

      The Natural Energy Cookbook

      by Basant K. Puri

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