• Dog obedience & training
      May 2016

      One, two, three or many more

      Managing more than dog with positive reinforcement

      by Anne Rosengrün

      Highlight Two ore even more dogs are more fun than one – for this to be true, a structured training, good organization and the setting of rules are paramount. As new research has pointed out, the concept of “pack leadership” and “dominance” is much less important than we thought – we simply have to show our dogs how we want them to behave and adapt our own behavior accordingly. This is not only possible, but even very effective with modern, reward-based and force-free training methods. This well-structured manual guides you through the different stages of training with loads of practical advice and experience. Key Selling Points Many households with more than one dog Reward-based training methods Practical advice that really works Audience Dog owners, dog trainers, dog walkers

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