• Prisons

      Invisible Women

      What's Wrong With Women's Prisons?

      by Angela Devlin (Author)

      Recreates the realities of prison life for a woman at the end of the twentieth century, as conditions worsen with overcrowding, staff shortages and expenditure cuts. This book describes the over-use of medication as a means of control; the plight of ethni

    • Prisons

      Cell Mates/Soul Mates

      Stories of Prison Relationships

      by Angela Devlin (Author)

      This title is based on extensive research by the author into a largely neglected aspect of imprisonment: the development of intimate relationships by "inside" and "outside" partners despite the physical and formal barriers.

    • Crime & criminology

      Criminal Classes

      Offenders at School

      by Angela Devlin (Author)

      This work examines the links between educational failure and future offending behaviour. It contains the stories of inmates' schooldays told in their own words as they try to answer the question "could anything have been done to prevent you being in custo

    • Prisons

      Going Straight

      After Crime and Punishment

      by Angela Devlin (Author), Bob Turney (Author)

      Includes interviews with people who have 'succeeded' after being in prison. This book looks at a range of criminals including famous, notorious, creative and ordinary people who were prepared to talk about the turning point in their lives - the events whi

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