• Humanities & Social Sciences
      December 2005

      Risk Management

      A Modern Perspective

      by Michael Ong

      Risk models, like all tools that describe and predict behaviors, possess strengths and flaws that can yield consequences both intended and unintended. In this collection of original essays, finance professionals and professors from around the world examin

    • Business, Economics & Law
      February 2003

      African Economic Development

      by Emmanuel Nnadozie

      Growth and development are among the most exciting subjects in economics, and the application of their principles to African economies is both needed and timely. African Economic Development comprises a collection of articles written especially for this v

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      March 1992

      Analysis with Local Census Data

      by Dowell Myers

      The 1990 United States Census was the most exhaustive in history. The vast majority of census users seek information about local areas, yet they lack examples or methodology texts prepared by experts in the field. This book is dedicated to the needs of th

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      October 2001

      Applied Demography

      by Jacob Siegel

      In contrast to a typical general text in demography, which is concerned with demographic principles, trends, problems, and theories, Applied Demography explores the practical issues with which demographers working for government agencies, private nonprofi

    • Business, Economics & Law
      September 1995

      Big Bets Gone Bad

      by Philippe Jorion

      How can a municipal investment pool, which is supposed to be safe, lose billions of dollars? What are derivatives and how did they contribute to this tragedy? In December 1994, Orange County became the largest municipality in U.S. history to become bankru

    • Business, Economics & Law
      September 1990

      Business Ethics

      by Preston

      This book is comprised of essays and research reports for the search for well-founded knowledge that can undergird the collective understanding of ethics and values in the business world. After surveying the research activities of business ethics scholars

    • Business, Economics & Law
      January 1994

      Communication and Relational Maintenance

      by Daniel Canary; Laura Stafford

      "Communication and Relational Maintenance" addresses the question, "How do people maintain their personal relationships?" Unlike the published works in this field that focus on relationship initiation or dissolution, this volume discusses the everyday pro

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      December 2007

      Dynamic Analysis in the Social Sciences

      by Emilio Castilla

      The study of social dynamics using quantitative methodology is complex and calls for cutting-edge technical and methodological approaches in social science research. This book presents the existing statistical models and methods available for understandin

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 1999

      Economics at the Wheel

      by Richard Porter

      "Economics at the Wheel" is about cars and driving, and all the problems that cars and drivers create for America. It explains actual government policy intended to reduce the damage cars and drivers do to us, and it explains why these government policies

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      September 2001

      Ethics in Deaf Education

      by Rod Beattie

      The information on ethics in education in general is quite limited. Indeed most practicing teachers (general and special education) know little detail of existing codes of ethics for their profession, or whether one even exists. In the past, options for p

    • Business, Economics & Law
      January 2000

      Ethnic Economies

      by Ivan Light; Steven Gold

      The phenomenon of increasingly visible groups of immigrant entrepreneurs raises a host of questions. What are the causes of immigrant entrepreneurship? What are its consequences, especially as regards upward mobility and inter-ethnic relations? And what a

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 1993

      Ethnography and Qualitative Design in Educational Research

      Second Edition

      by M. LeCompte; J. Preissle; R. Tes

      An exciting addition to the field of ethnography, this revised and expanded textbook addresses ethical and theoretical concerns, central to research in psychology, sociology, and anthropology - an interdisciplinary approach rarely utilized in other text.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      February 1996

      EU and US Banking in the 1990s

      by Alfred Lewis; Gioia Pescetto

      EU and US Banking in the 1990s is based on a period of important changes in the world financial scene which profoundly affects banking. Both the European and US banking sectors are undergoing deep transformations brought about by different events and expe

    • Business, Economics & Law
      August 1993

      Game Theory for Economists

      by Jurgen Eichberger

      "Game Theory for Economists" introduces economists to the game-theoretic approach of modelling economic behaviour and interaction, focusing on concepts and ideas from the vast field of game-theoretic models which find commonly used applications in economi

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      June 1999

      Grounding Grounded Theory

      by Ian Dey

      Professor Dey's persuasive, instructive, critical, engaging, and often humorous investigation places many elements of grounded theory under close scrutiny. In searching out the methodological principles on which grounded theory is built, he reveals its ma

    • Business, Economics & Law
      December 2002

      Growth Through Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

      by T. Khalil; M. von Zedtwitz; G. H

      This is a selection of papers representing the best thinking of leading researchers and practitioners in the field of management of technology. Based on a conference on growth through business innovation and entrepreneurship, it addresses a wide range of

    • Business, Economics & Law
      October 1981

      Introduction to Multidimensional Scaling

      by S. Schiffman; M. Reynolds; F. Yo

      This introductory volume includes worked examples from a variety of data sets about the most frequently used models and computer programs for MDS, as well as techniques for collecting data and assessing MDS results. It covers the design, execution, and an

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 1996

      Judgement Analysis

      by Ray Cooksey

      "Judgment Analysis" provides the first theoretical and methodological summary of judgment analysis that integrates a diverse range of issues, guiding principles, and applications. The key features concern with capturing, comparing, and aggregating judgmen

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      February 1989

      Knowledge Base for the Beginning Teacher

      by M.C. Reynolds

      In this volume, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education offers the first in a series of state-of-the-art analyses of research, theory, and practice in the various domains of teaching. The knowledge base for teaching and teacher educatio

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 1987

      Macroeconomic Theory

      Second Edition

      by Steve Heller; Thomas Sargent

      "Macroeconomic Theory", in its first edition, was widely adopted for use as a graduate text; this updated and expanded version should find even greater popularity as a text and as a research reference. It has been substantially revised to include three en

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