• Food & Drink
      April 2006

      Barbecuing & Grilling Inside & Out

      by Linda Tubby

      Drawing inspiration from around the world, Linda Tubby has produced a wonderful collection of 65 barbecue and griddle recipes that will ensure maximum ease and enjoyment. There are dishes that will be ready to cook in the time it takes to prepare the fire

    • Garden design & planning
      September 2006

      Japanese Gardening

      by Charles Chesshire Alex Ramsay

      The Japanese garden can be broadly divided into five garden styles: pond and stream gardens, rock and dry gardens, tea gardens, stroll gardens, and courtyard gardens. The book presents a selection of beautiful images of each style, and accompanies each wi

    • Food & Drink
      May 2006

      The Food & Cooking of Malaysia & Singapore

      Discover an exotic cuisine that blends Malay, Indian and Chinese traditions, with 80 recipes and over 300 photographs

      by Ghillie Basan

      In this beautiful new book, Ghillie Basan explores the fascinating history, the rich culture and the social traditions of the Malaysian and Singaporean people, and the development of their cuisine. Over 75 classic recipes offer an authentic taste of South

    • Food & Drink


      by Anna Mosesson

      This new book is a magnificent guide to the culinary delights of Sweden, serving up a capti-vating feast of food and photography. Traditional Swedish cooking is hearty and based around fish (fresh from Sweden <a href="http://www.annesspublishing.com/mi

    • Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
      April 2012


      The complete practical guide to passementerie with techniques and projects shown in 350 step-by-step photographs

      by Anna Crutchley

      Tassels are lavish and indulgent home accessories, adding the finishing touch to curtain tiebacks, cushion trims, lampshades and a whole host of other furnishing items. This beautiful book you shows you how you can create your own stylish, opulent tassels

    • Food & Drink
      September 2007

      The Food & Cooking of Finland

      Traditions, ingredients, tastes and techniques in over 60 classic recipes

      by Anja Hill

      The more than 60 delicious recipes in this gorgeous new book offer a tantalizing taste of both historical and contemporary Finnish cuisine, melding authentic ingredients and techniques with intriguing influences from France and the Mediterranean as well a

    • Food & Drink
      February 2007

      The Food and Cooking of Norway

      Traditions, ingredients, tastes, techniques and over 60 classic recipes

      by Janet Laurence

      In this beautiful new book, learn about the dietary traditions of Norway along with a fascinating overview of the Norwegian way of life. There is an expert guide to all the authentic ingredients, how to use them or source suitable alternatives and how to

    • Food & Drink
      August 2008

      The Food & Cooking of Belgium

      Traditions, ingredients, tastes and techniques in over 60 classic recipes

      by Suzanne Vandyck

      The collection of recipes in this beautiful new book evokes the tastes and textures of traditional Belgian cooking. All the classics are here, including Cream of Endive Soup, Flemish-style Asparagus, Beef Stew with Beer, Belgian Frites and Chocolate Mouss

    • Food & Drink
      April 2008


      Traditions, ingredients, tastes and techniques in over 70 classic recipes

      by JUDITH H DERN

      This beautiful guide to the culinary delights of Denmark includes all the classic favourites, many of which have been cooked in Danish homes for centuries. After an introduction to the geography, culture and cuisine of Denmark and a description of the key

    • Food & Drink
      May 2008

      The Food & Cooking of Poland

      Traditions, ingredients, tastes and techniques in over

      by Ewa Michalik

      This stunning new book explores the geography, festivals, culture and turbulent history of this diverse country, and how these factors have had an impact on the cuisine. Then follows more than 60 step-bystep recipes. Regional specialities <a href="http

    • Food & Drink
      November 2008

      The Food & Cooking of Russia

      Discover the rich and varied character of Russian cuisine, in 65 authentic recipes and 300 glorious photographs

      by Elena Makhonko

      In this celebration of Russian eating a fascinating introduction provides a guide to the history, landscape and geography of the country, together with information on its classic ingredients. The recipes offer a taste of this rich, varied and culturally d

    • Garden design & planning
      July 2009

      Designs & Plantings for Conservatories, Sunrooms & Garden Rooms

      Inspirational ideas, planning advice and planting information, lavishly illustrated with more than 300 stunning photographs and artworks

      by Diana Yakeley

      Diana Yakeley offers expert guidance on choosing the best size and shape conservatory for your space. No conservatory would be complete without proper attention to the finer details, and a section on interior styling covers lighting, colour schemes, furni

    • Food & Drink
      September 2008

      The Food & Cooking of Slovenia

      Traditions, ingredients, tastes and techniques in over 60 classic recipes

      by Janez Bogataj

      This inspirational new book reveals the potential of this little-known cuisine, a fascinating blend of European and Slavic tastes. Whether one chooses the sweet-and-sour Bean and Sauerkraut Hotpot from the Primorska region near the Adriatic sea, or the mu

    • Food & Drink
      December 2009

      Regional Cooking of India

      80 recipes, shown in 300 exquisite photographs

      by Mridula Baljekar

      This journey through Indian cooking, taking in classic local dishes and well-travelled favorites, is the ultimate introduction to a world-famous cuisine. Among the 80 mouth-watering recipes, you ll find dishes ranging from simple street foods to rich, roa

    • Specialized gardening methods
      March 2011


      Creating sustainable, waterwise and dry gardens, with projects, planting plans

      by Ambra Edwards

      Our climate is in a state of flux.Weather patterns are changing and therefore the way we manage our gardens is changing too. Here is an exciting challenge. This new book looks at the garden styles of nine regions which have always dealt superbly with heat

    • Food & Drink
      October 2008

      The Food and Cooking of South China

      Traditions, tastes and techniques in 75 recipes and 350 photographs

      by Terry Tan

      In this stunning new book, Terry Tan traces the history of both the people and the cuisines of south China. Starting with an in-depth look at the geography, he goes on to explore the regional cuisines and celebrations that distinguish towns within the pro

    • Garden design & planning
      September 2008


      A practical guide to cultivating fuchsias, with over 500 beautiful photographs and illustrations

      by John Nicholass

      This book is an essential reference for anyone interested in these distinctive flowering plants. It contains fascinating history and practical advice, as well as an illustrated directory of cultivars. There are inspirational ideas for planting fuchsias ou

    • Food & Drink
      September 2009

      The Food and Cooking of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

      Traditions, ingredients, tastes and techniques

      by Silvena Johen

      In this new book, over 60 delicious recipes are divided into chapters on Soups; Appetizers, Dumplings and Side Dishes; Fish and Shellfish; Meat Dishes; and Desserts. The many delectable dishes include Zeppelins (the famous Lithuanian dumplings) with crisp

    • Food & Drink
      August 2009

      The Food & Cooking of Germany

      Traditions & ingredients in 60 regional

      by Mirko Trenkner

      This book presents a selection of the very best of German food, with 60 superb recipes from simple farmhouse fare to international classics. Dishes include such delicious recipes as Rhenish Sausage Salad with Emmental Cheese, Swabian Stew with Beef, Sp <b

    • Food & Drink
      October 2009

      The Food & Cooking of Peru

      Traditions, ingredients, tastes and techniques in 60 classic recipes

      by Flor Arcaya de Deliot

      This beautiful new book includes many favourite dishes, such as the irresistible little pastries, Empanaditas, the popular street food Humitas and Butifarras, but it also introduces dishes that have yet to travel further than the borders of Peru. These in

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