• Fiction
      January 2017

      Just Deserts

      Book 3 in the Hackers thriller series

      by L. J. Greatrex

      The extraordinary challenges facing our well-established character now known as ‘Bill Pascal’ are all too evident as William Forester seeks to remain invisible to the outside world. <sp

    • Fiction
      December 2013


      by John Morritt

      At the tender age of five, Peter Edwards witnesses the horrific death of his father by a drunk driver. Twenty years later, the nightmares that tortured him for a few years after the accident inexplicably return to haunt him, leading to the breakdown in

    • Fiction
      September 2018

      The Last Hit

      by John Morritt

      John Stone, former army sniper, mercenary turned hitman, is sick of killing. When contracted by a shadowy government figure to take down an ex-member of parliament, testifying in an arms scandal that would embarrass the government, Stone decides it wou

    • Thriller / suspense
      February 2015

      What Lies in the Dark

      by Thompson, CM

      One murder can make a town nervous. Two brings fear. Add three, four and even more, and watch neighbour turn on suspicious neighbour. Victoria Bullrush – or Bullface, as she is called by fellow police officers – is a stickler for rules. As

    • Fiction
      March 2016

      A Coin for the Hangman

      by Ralph Spurrier

      Booksellers never know what they might find in an estate sale. When our man finds the tools of England’s last hangman, along with the diary of a man he executed, he knows he has a mystery to solve. Was there a miscarriage of justice? Did the wron

    • Fiction
      January 2018

      Three Little Maids

      by Neal James

      When vengeance calls, death is its shadow Billy Robertson is out for revenge and the target in his sights is Dennis Marks.Holding the DCI responsible for the death of his younger brother, Jack, Robertson seizes on the opportunity

    • Fiction
      May 2018

      Unsilent Grief

      by Tony Millington

      Nobody owns lifeA man is murdered in a pub carpark.DS Watson and Monteith are finding it difficult to catch a killer.Three more bodies are found.The two detectives are on a roller-coaster ride to find out if the

    • Fiction

      The Way of the Bee

      by Heikki Kännö

      In a dizzyingly imaginative debut, Heikki Kännö weaves a dark mystery full of suspense, art, mysticism – and Nazis. What if we could manipulate reality or travel in time through art? The German artist Joseph Beuys

    • Fiction
      May 2019

      Dark Light

      by Petri Karra

      The son calls. The father answers. The next night, the destruction begins. A new fast-paced psychological thriller about a parent’s love for his son – and the crimes committed to protect

    • Fiction
      October 2017

      The Tarleton Murders

      Sherlock Holmes in America

      by Breck England

      New Sherlock Holmes Historical Fiction ThrillerThe Tarleton Murders: A corking good early Sherlock Holmes story that any mystery reader will love.Find out the answers to many tantalizing Sherlo

    • Fiction
      September 2017

      Lusitania Lost

      A Novel

      by Leonard Carpenter

      If you loved Titanic, you’re going to like Lusitania Lost!Lusitania Lost: The author of the Conan the Barbarian series turns his novelistic eye to real-life history of World War 1 in a “Titan

    • Crime & mystery
      August 2017


      by David McCaffrey

      'There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed menlong enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.’Ernest HemingwayOne serial killer terri

    • Fiction
      August 2017

      The Mephisto Touch

      Mefiston kosketus

      by Max Seeck

      A dark, tightly-plotted psychological thriller with a storyline that will appeal to fans of Dan Brown’s conspiracies and the ruthlessness of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series Previously ass

    • Fiction
      March 2014

      Black Cockles

      by John Morritt

      Taking Emma to Cornwall to put some distance between her and her abusive, drug addict fiancé seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, Ed takes her to a place where she is in even more danger as a serial killer is at large, targeting y

    • Fiction
      September 2015

      The Jaguar: A Tale of Gods, Ghosts and Gangsters

      by A. T. Grant

      David's life is spiralling out of control. To put a past relationship behind him, he goes on holiday to Mexico. Meanwhile, on the US-Mexican border, brothers Luis and Alfredo fight to maintain their family’s drug-trafficking empire. Alfredo is fo

    • Fiction
      November 2017


      A Ghost Story

      by A. T. Grant

      Elliott endures a long, fraught journey to Scotland with his family. Arriving at a loch-side holiday park, some things are familiar and others not quite right. He and his brother argue over different girls, one of whom h

    • Fiction
      July 2017

      Full Circle

      by John Morritt

      Frank Smith looks forward to realising his dream of a comfortable life in sunny climes, after serving twenty years in prison for attempted murder. His dream, however, shatters within days of becoming a free man, when he learns that duplicitous gangland

    • Fiction
      June 2015


      by John Morritt

      Enjoying a quiet life after moving to Cornwall, Ed and TJ couldn’t be happier. Their tranquillity, however, is shattered when a bitter resident drags up their past - a violent and tragic past they dearly want to forget. When Ed unearths a 150-yea

    • Fiction
      April 2016

      Drawing Down The Moon

      by A. M. Keen

      England, 1644. Young Ellie Harewood falls victim of renowned Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins, and is left to die in the depths of a winter’s forest. As Ellie begins to pass to the other side she is rescued by an old hag, one fully immersed wi

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