• Children's & YA
      July 2018

      Tainted Luck

      by Cynthia Austin

      Levi Kast was content living his life in the shadows.He didn’t want much, just his dad ’s attention and the girl of his dreams to notice his existence.Instead, he got more than he had bargained for.<

    • Religion & beliefs
      August 2018

      The Last Savior

      by Jalleh Doty, Pari Adli

      In the Middle East, World War Three has broken out and society is in chaos. It is a war for the last resources on planet Earth.In a middle eastern village, a young girl named Ilham, wonders if every day will be her last, as bombs and bullet

    • Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)


      by Cristina Romero & Francis Marín

      The Red Book for Girls was born to acompany and empower girls on their way to maturity but it is also a book for mothers and for all women, because it helps us heal hurts of our childhood. An illustrated book whose words and images seem to whisper to o

    • Children's & YA


      by Cristina Romero & Francis Marín

      Whether you are a little or a grown-up boy, The Golden Book for Boys was written to accompany you and remind you how powerful you are. But it’s also a book for you if you arealready a man, because it will help you heal the hurts you may hav

    • Children's & YA


      Beginning with yourself

      by Cristina Romero, Francis Marín

      The Pink Book of Love, Beginning with Yourself is a tool for conscious parenting. The book helps parents and professionals (psychologists, therapists) who work with children and teenagers to make them aware of what is toxic ralationship, how

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      August 2008

      Irish children and teenagers in a changing world

      by Pat O'Connor

    • Teaching of students with emotional & behavioural difficulties
      September 2015

      Talkabout for Teenagers

      Developing Social & Emotional Communication Skills

      by Alex Kelly, Brian Sains

      A complete groupwork resource offering a hierarchical approach to teaching social and relationship skills to teenagers. Designed specifically for teenagers, this practical workbook provides ready-made material for running social and relationshi

    • October 2009

      Teenagers in Estonia: Values and Behaviour

      by Jaan Mikk, Marika Veisson, Piret Luik

      Students valued academic success, politeness, and honesty but not so much health and tolerance. Teenagers gave high ranks to knowledge, friends, and honesty and lower ranks to a high position in society and wealth. The students’ self-evaluations were in g

    • January 2000

      The First Session with Teenagers

      A Step-by-Step Guide

      by Neil G. Ribner

      The First Session with Teenagers is a practical, accessible guide that reveals how mental health care professionals can conduct a successful initial interview with reluctant and uncooperative adolescent clients. Written by Neil G. Ribner, a recognized exp

    • February 2012

      Fires in the Mind

      What Kids Can Tell Us About Motivation and Mastery

      by Kathleen Cushman,

      Teens talk to adults about how they develop motivation and mastery Through the voices of students themselves, Fires in the Mind brings a game-changing question to teachers of adolescents: What does it take to get really good at something? Starti

    • February 2013

      Surviving Your Child's Adolescence

      How to Understand, and Even Enjoy, the Rocky Road to Independence

      by Carl Pickhardt

      Expert suggestions for guiding your child through the rough teenage years Does it sometimes seem like your teenager is trying to push you over the edge? Learn what your child is going through and what you can do to help your teen navigate this d

    • November 1998

      Therapy with Troubled Teenagers

      Rewriting Young Lives in Progress

      by Bob Bertolino, Bill O'Hanlon

      Solution-oriented therapy focuses on eliciting, evoking, and highlighting the strengths of clients, as opposed to their pathology and deficits. Here, Robert Bertolino explains his great success in applying this model to the treatment of adolescents. He de

    • August 2000

      How To Reach & Teach Teenagers with ADHD

      by Grad L. Flick

      This comprehensive resource is pack with tested, up-to-date information and techniques to help teachers, counselors and parents understand and manage adolescents with attention deficit disorder, including step-by-step procedures for behavioral interventio

    • October 2008


      How Parents Can Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers

      by Peter L. Benson

      In this practical book, Dr. Peter Benson, a leading authority on childhood and adolescence, describes a simple yet powerful plan for awakening the spark that lives inside each and every young person. Sparks—when illuminated and nurtured—give young people

    • Secondary schools
      September 2011

      Teaching Teenagers

      A Toolbox for Engaging and Motivating Learners

      by Kidd, Warren; Czerniawski, Gerry;

      A practical guide with 220 teaching ideas to motivate teenage students.

    • Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)
      November 2012

      Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenagers

      by Rae, Tina

    • Medicine
      January 2009

      Wannabe Backpackers: The Latin American & Kenyan Journey of Five Spoiled Teenagers

      The Latin American & Kenyan Journey of Five Spoiled Teenagers

      by YEUNG, Gerald

      Wannabe Backpackers tells the story of five self-confessed "spoiled teenagers" who travel to Latin America and Kenya one summer. United by Gerald Yeung, the spiritual leader, the boys discover their true identity throughout the month-long journey: Justin

    • Secondary schools
      September 2011

      Teaching Teenagers

      by Kidd, Warren

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