• Fiction
      March 2019

      An Enlightened Man

      by Gary W. Hixon

      What should a deeply religious man do when he is shown an artefact that its current custodian believes contains the cryptic clues to the whereabouts of an ancient document, that when found, would destroy everything he has always believed?When events co

    • Fiction
      September 2018

      The Last Hit

      by John Morritt

      John Stone, former army sniper, mercenary turned hitman, is sick of killing. When contracted by a shadowy government figure to take down an ex-member of parliament, testifying in an arms scandal that would embarrass the government, Stone decides it wou

    • Fiction
      June 2019


      by Bip Wetherell

      A mysterious saboteur. A lethal helicopter accident. A psychotic terrorist. What should be a routine examination for CAA inspector Steve Allen quickly spirals into a whirlpool of violence, sex, lies and intrigue. While rubbing shoulders with the privil

    • Thriller / suspense
      February 2015

      What Lies in the Dark

      by Thompson, CM

      One murder can make a town nervous. Two brings fear. Add three, four and even more, and watch neighbour turn on suspicious neighbour. Victoria Bullrush – or Bullface, as she is called by fellow police officers – is a stickler for rules. As

    • Fiction
      August 2015

      The Cape of Killing

      by Rainer Doh

      Freezing cold temperatures and a rising blizzard: there is no way for the criminal investigation of Tromsø to get to Skjervøy, the next stop of the cruise ship MS Midnatsol which belongs to the Norway Express Route, the Hurtigruten. Aroun

    • Fiction
      October 2015

      The Love Drug

      by Tobias Radloff

      A ruined private investigator. A beautiful but dead woman. A pharmacist who wants to democratise love with a new drug substance ... Philip Strasser's detective agency has seen better days, but since former clients mock him on the internet, catching ord

    • Fiction
      January 2018

      Just round the corner

      by Jenny Jacobsson

      Isa, a 35-year old woman, has recently been dumped by her long-term partner. Suddenly she finds herself childless as she gave up her own wishes and dreams about getting pregnant when her partner Jimmy didn’t want any more children. Isa no

    • Fiction
      April 2017

      The Secret Next Door

      by Jenny Jacobsson

      A contemporary story about Melissa & Viggo set in a fictitious town in Sweden. The motto of this book is "Surviving is not relevant, living life, however, is." Melissa and Viggo are the couple that most people in the

    • Fiction

      Obscure Obsession

      by C T Karlsson

      What initially looks like a domestic accident is soon classed as murder. Further deaths are to follow and the police direct their attention towards the famous crime author, Arne Dahlqvist. Crown Prosecutor Ylva Isaksson, who also happens to be

    • Literary Fiction
      May 2017

      Rueful Revenge

      by C T Karlsson

      When two people accidentally bump into each other, a whole loadof memories come flooding back. Memories that have been carefully hidden away in the depths of one's mind and will now impact everyone's life significantly.

    • Fiction
      May 2016

      Bitterly Betrayed

      by C T Karlsson

      Chief Inspector Kajsa Rudolfsson and her colleagues at Falkenberg Police are, in a very short space of time, lumbered with two murders that they have to investigate. Right next to the open-air stage in the popular outdoor lei

    • Fiction
      November 2016

      Poems To Die By

      by Andrea Fehringer & Thomas Köpf

      An idyllic summer in Vienna. In the midst of Italian design furniture and elegant pieces of art, the successful ghostwriter Max West enjoys life with his wife and kids (to the fullest). However, this picture-perfect life is abruptly destroyed when HE s

    • Fiction
      March 2017

      The Mortality of the Soul

      by Michaela Kastel

      After the mysterious death of her competitor the young actress Anna gets to star as the lead role in Epica. Euphoric and ambitious, she dives into the practice sessions only to discover that she is in over her head trying to play the part of Helena/Gre

    • Music
      December 2016

      Partners in suspense

      Critical essays on Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock

      by Edited by Steven Rawle, Kevin J. Donnelly

      This volume of new, spellbinding essays explores the tense relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann, featuring new perspectives on their collaboration. Featuring essays by leading scholars of Hitchcock's work, including Richard Allen

    • October 2015

      Murder in the Fog

      Short mystery stories for learning English

      by Butler, Dominic

      Learning English with crime stories Various crime stories with appropriate language for theskill levels A1 – A2 Up to 20 detective novels in each volume Translations of difficult words on every page

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      August 2018

      Divine Suspense

      On Kierkegaard’s 'Frygt og Bæven' and the Aesthetics of Suspense

      by Andreas Seland

      What is suspense, and why do we feel it? These questions are at the heart of the first part of this study. It develops and defends the ‘imminence theory of suspense’ – the view that suspense arises in situations that are structurally defined by somethi

    • Fiction
      July 2017

      Full Circle

      by John Morritt

      Frank Smith looks forward to realising his dream of a comfortable life in sunny climes, after serving twenty years in prison for attempted murder. His dream, however, shatters within days of becoming a free man, when he learns that duplicitous gangland

    • Fiction
      May 2019

      The Final Crossing: A Peregrine Sebastopol Mystery

      by Marc Everitt

      The year is 1881 and the SS Atlantica heads for New York City with first-class passengers expecting the very best of everything, but never expecting murder. Amongst them, quite by chance, is the finest amateur detective in the British Empire. When Lord

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