• Sports & outdoor recreation
      January 2015

      Lazy Runner, The

      How I Got Off the Sofa and Ran a Sub-4 Marathon

      by Laura Fountain

      The Lazy Runner follows Laura Fountain from starting out as a novice runner - unfit, clueless about running, and incredibly lazy - to finishing her first marathon, and beyond. At first unable to run 400 metres without stopping, Laura has now c

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      May 2017

      Sentenced to run

      by Fredrik Svanfeldt

      This is a fictional story about Johan Dahlberg - a young man with a college degree and permanent employment has been sentenced to a three-year prison sentence. The book describes the life in the prison, the contrast to the other

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      May 2018

      Free to run

      by Fredrik Svanfeldt

      In the prequel, Sentenced to run, we got to know Johan Dahlberg - a young man with a college degree and permanent employment, who was sentenced to three years in prison. Johan Dahlberg has soon served his sentence and needs to start th

    • Romance
      October 2011

      Dream Runner

      by Jenifer Tess

      Monsters hunt through people’s dreams. They’re called phantoms, and they’re nearly unstoppable. They slip into the realities between night and morning when their victims are most vulnerable. The dream runners once fought them and prot

    • October 2007

      Runner and Gating Design Handbook

      Tools for Successful Injection Molding (Print-on-Demand)

      by Beaumont, John Philip

    • August 2017

      Blade Runner

      Träumen Androiden von elektrischen Schafen?

      by Dick, Philip K. / Englisch Allié, Manfred

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