• Travel & holiday
      January 2014

      12 Day Trips from London

      A simple guide for those who want to see more than the capital

      by Maldon, Dee

      Aimed at visitors who want to see more than the capital – but don’t want to drive or vacate their hotel room. This little book provides information on using public transport to visit Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as les

    • September 2005

      Public Transport in Developing Countries

      by Richard Iles

      Numerous books have been written which deal with transport problems in developed and developing countries, and with the planning and management of transport organisations in developed countries, but none deals specifically with the planning, regulation, m

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      December 2017

      Transport, Travel and Later Life

      by Charles Musselwhite

      This book, set within a social gerontology and transport behaviour studies paradigm, examines current debates and issues around transport for older people and its relationship to health and wellbeing for individuals and society as a whole. This timely tit

    • July 2015

      Securing Transportation Systems

      by Simon Hakim, Gila Albert, Yoram Shiftan

      Addresses a variety of challenges and solutions within the transportation security sphere in order to protect our transportation systems• Provides innovative solutions to improved communication and creating joint operations centers to manage respons

    • August 2014

      Urban Residential Density and Public Transport Use

      A Case Study of Sydney

      by Darren Holloway

      For over thirty years urban growth policies in Australia have focused on increasing residential densities around public transport nodes as a method of addressing environmental issues. There has been significant debate about the role of density in influenc

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2019

      Engine of modernity

      The omnibus and urban culture in nineteenth-century Paris

      by Masha Belenky, Andrew Smith

      Engine of modernity examines the connection between public transportation and popular culture in nineteenth-century Paris through a focus on the omnibus - a horse-drawn vehicle of urban transport. The omnibus generated innovations in social practic

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