• Fiction
      January 2018

      Just round the corner

      by Jenny Jacobsson

      Isa, a 35-year old woman, has recently been dumped by her long-term partner. Suddenly she finds herself childless as she gave up her own wishes and dreams about getting pregnant when her partner Jimmy didn’t want any more children. Isa no

    • Fiction
      April 2017

      The Secret Next Door

      by Jenny Jacobsson

      A contemporary story about Melissa & Viggo set in a fictitious town in Sweden. The motto of this book is "Surviving is not relevant, living life, however, is." Melissa and Viggo are the couple that most people in the

    • Fiction
      March 2017

      The Mortality of the Soul

      by Michaela Kastel

      After the mysterious death of her competitor the young actress Anna gets to star as the lead role in Epica. Euphoric and ambitious, she dives into the practice sessions only to discover that she is in over her head trying to play the part of Helena/Gre

    • Fiction

      Behind Blood-red Shadows

      by Gereon Krantz

      A dead body is found at the train station Alexanderplatz in Berlin. On this body a big number “1” is found and detectives Harder and Vogt know that they are faced with the s

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