• Fiction
      March 2019

      An Enlightened Man

      by Gary W. Hixon

      What should a deeply religious man do when he is shown an artefact that its current custodian believes contains the cryptic clues to the whereabouts of an ancient document, that when found, would destroy everything he has always believed?When events co

    • Fiction
      September 2018

      The Last Hit

      by John Morritt

      John Stone, former army sniper, mercenary turned hitman, is sick of killing. When contracted by a shadowy government figure to take down an ex-member of parliament, testifying in an arms scandal that would embarrass the government, Stone decides it wou

    • Fiction
      June 2019


      by Bip Wetherell

      A mysterious saboteur. A lethal helicopter accident. A psychotic terrorist. What should be a routine examination for CAA inspector Steve Allen quickly spirals into a whirlpool of violence, sex, lies and intrigue. While rubbing shoulders with the privil

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      November 2016

      The Mystery of Being Human

      God, Freedom and the NHS

      by Raymond Tallis

      In his latest collection of essays, author, physician and humanist philosopher Raymond Tallis meditates on the complexity of human consciousness, free will, mathematics, God and eternity. The philosophical reflections are interrupted by the fiercely po

    • Fiction
      January 2018

      Three Little Maids

      by Neal James

      When vengeance calls, death is its shadow Billy Robertson is out for revenge and the target in his sights is Dennis Marks.Holding the DCI responsible for the death of his younger brother, Jack, Robertson seizes on the opportunity

    • Fiction
      November 2016

      The Vatican Cameos

      A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

      by Richard T. Ryan

      When the papal apartments are burgled in 1901, Sherlock Holmes is summoned to Rome by Pope Leo XII. After learning from the pontiff that several priceless cameos that could prove compromising to the church, and perhaps determine the future of the newly unified Italy, have been stolen, Holmes is asked to recover them. In a parallel story, Michelangelo, the toast of Rome in 1501 after the unveiling of his Pieta, is commissioned by Pope Alexander VI, the last of the Borgia pontiffs, with creating the cameos that will bedevil Holmes and the papacy four centuries later. For fans of Conan Doyle’s immortal detective, the game is always afoot. However, the great detective has never encountered an adversary quite like the one with whom he crosses swords in “The Vatican Cameos.”.

    • Fiction
      September 2016

      Sherlock Holmes and The Jeweller of Florence

      by Christopher James

      It is summer 1895 and a lost play by William Shakespeare is discovered. While being authenticated by scholars in Oxford there is a break-in at a college and the three hundred year old quarto is stolen. Holmes is engaged in the most unusual of circumsta

    • Science: general issues
      January 2018

      The Immune Mystery. Mum is a Puzzle

      by Anita Kåss

      Anita Kåss' mother died of arthritis when Anita was 13. Since then Anita has had the burning desire to find a medication and cure for the illness that killed her mother. She has taken her own path to this goal and in this book she takes the reade

    • Fiction
      March 2017

      The Mystery of Madam Yin

      by Nathan Winters

      Inspector Celeste Summersteen is leaving Chicago to travel to London with young Dorothea Ellingsford. It may seem that she is merely accompanying the girl back to her family, whereas her real task is much more precarious: one of Dorothea’s friend

    • Fiction
      August 2016

      In the Shadows of the Past

      by Ricarda Konrad

      Totally surprisingly the freshly divorced, 40 year-old Caroline inherits the cottage of her stubborn great-aunt in Ireland. Spontaneously, she leaves everything behind and drives to the idyllic village where she finds new friends very fast due to the w

    • October 2017

      Morbus Dei: Im Zeichen des Aries


      by Bauer, Matthias; Zach, Bastian

      Morbus Dei: Im Zeichen des Aries KRÖNENDER ABSCHLUSS DER MORBUS-DEI-TRILOGIE Eine junge Frau entkommen aus dem einsamen Bergdorf entrissen Ihrem Geliebten infiziert nicht nur von seiner Liebe befallen von der schwarzen Krankheit eine junge Frau der Sc

    • July 2018

      Morbus Dei: Inferno


      by Zach, Bastian; Bauer, Matthias

      spannend – mystisch – geheimnisvoll „INFERNO“: BAND 2 DER MORBUS-DEI-TRILOGIE Schwarze Verästelungen auf deiner Haut ziehen sich fort verdunkeln die Berge dringen ein in das Kaiserreich. Tirol im Jahr 1704: Johann und Elisabeth fliehen aus dem unheim

    • March 2016

      Morbus Dei: Die Ankunft


      by Zach, Bastian; Bauer, Matthias

      BAND 1 DER HOCHSPANNENDEN MORBUS-DEI-TRILOGIE Tirol im Jahr 1703: Ein abgelegenes Bergdorf mitten in den Alpen. Kalt, unheimlich, düster. Unerklärliche Dinge passieren. Die Dorfbewohner in Angst und Schrecken. Von einem Schneesturm überrascht, verschlä

    • Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
      April 2017


      Join the dots to discover a world of enchantment, with up to 1020 dots

      by Jeni Child

      Immerse yourself in this traditional art activity with 40 fabulous dot-to-dot puzzles to solve. Among the mystical scenes are a haunted castle, a deadly basilisk, a devilish imp, a many-headed monster, a terrifying kraken, and many more . Each drawing w

    • Children's & YA
      August 2012


      Dare you peek through the 3-D windows?

      by Nicola Baxter

      Are you sitting comfortably in a well-lit room? Are your nearest and dearest beside you? If so, steel your nerves and prepare to be led though a chilling churchyard, past gloopy green stuff, a witch, her cat and her bubbling cauldron, and through the iron

    • Children's & YA
      June 2014


      Dare you peek through the pop-up windows?

      by Dereen Taylor


    • Crime & mystery
      April 2014

      The Kabbalistic Murder Code

      by Nathan Erez

      An innovative Israeli thriller written for readers with an interest in Kabbalah. It incorporates two seemingly unconnected elements: a string of strange murders and the deciphering of ancient Kabbalistic texts, along with their hidden and mystical meanings.

    • Classic fiction (pre c 1945)
      July 2009

      Detective and Mystery Stories

      by Author(s): Arthur Conan Doyle

      This volume contains ones of the sets of linked short stories that Conan Doyle centred on his character of Brigadier Gerard, and six short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes. The other is also available in a volume from CSP.

    • Ancient history: to c 500 CE
      November 2011

      The Mystery of the Ten Lost Tribes

      by Author(s): Ziva Shavitsky

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