• Self-help & personal development
      November 2016

      The Happiness Perspective

      by Diane Wing

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 2016

      Leading Me

      Eight Practices for a Christian Leader's Most Important Assignment

      by Dr Steve Brown

      You are your most important and most difficult leadership assignment. Leading Me will help you get traction on living a Christ-centered, holistic, sustainable and fruitful life of impact. Grounded in biblical truth, utilizing the latest research and draw

    • June 2006

      Motivation and Experience in Foreign Language Learning

      by Yoshiyuki Nakata

      Until now, there has been relatively little research on the links between motivation and learning experiences within the domain of language learning. This volume attempts to fill that gap. It explores the developmental processes of intrinsic motivation an

    • May 2013

      Fremdsprachen in der Perspektive lebenslangen Lernens

      Unter Mitarbeit von Claudia-Elfriede Oechel-Metzner

      by Annette Berndt

      Der Sammelband Fremdsprachen in der Perspektive lebenslangen Lernens bietet einen breit gefächerten Einblick in die Thematik der neuen Reihe Fremdsprachen lebenslang lernen. Es werden Themen wie die Faktoren Alter und Motivation, Hypothesen Sensibler

    • March 2015

      Motivieren und Motivation im Deutschen als Fremdsprache

      by Lutz Götze, Salifou Traoré, Pakini Akkramas, Gabriele Pommerin-Götze

      Das Buch vereint die Beiträge der 2013 von der Deutschabteilung der Ramkhamhaeng-Universität Bangkok organisierten Konferenz zum Thema Motivieren und Motivation im Unterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Die Motivation im Fremdsprachenunterricht is

    • September 2010

      Motivation and Second Language Acquisition

      The Socio-Educational Model

      by Robert Gardner

      Offering a historical and empirical account, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the socio-educational model of second language acquisition. This approach to understanding motivational variables that promote success in the learning of a second

    • February 2003

      Motivation und Volition

      Evaluation eines psychologischen Interventionsprogrammes

      by Karin Priemuth

      Bei dieser Arbeit handelt es sich um empirische Studien zur Evaluation einer psychologischen Interventionsmaßnahme, einem Persönlichkeitstraining für Führungskräfte. Dieses Training wird in seinem derzeitigen Entwicklungsstand eva

    • September 2009

      The Discursive Construction of Second Language Learners’ Motivation

      A Multi-level Perspective

      by Mingyue Gu

      This longitudinal qualitative study explores the motivation and identity development of students in a comprehensive university who are learning English as a second language (L2). It is set in the contemporary People’s Republic of China, where dramatic soc

    • October 2013

      Illocutionary constructions in English: Cognitive motivation and linguistic realization

      A study of the syntactic realizations of the directive, commissive and expressive speech acts in English

      by Nuria Del Campo Martínez

      Grounded in the Lexical Constructional Model (LCM), a usage-based meaning construction model of language of recent design, this research argues that illocutionary meaning either results from filling in constructional variables such as X in the Can You XVP

    • April 2015

      Apprendre : la rencontre entre motivation et métacognition

      Autorégulation dans l’apprentissage des mathématiques en formation professionnelle

      by Jean-Louis Berger

      Les avancées technologiques et les transformations du monde du travail requièrent la formation d’apprenants en mesure de se recycler professionnellement, de suivre des formations continues poussées, soit d’apprendre tout au long de la vie.

    • December 2007

      Akzeptanz und Motivation

      Empirische Ansaetze zur Erforschung des unterrichtlichen Einsatzes von bilingualen und mehrsprachigen Modulen

      by Dagmar Abendroth-Timmer

      Wie können mehr Schülerinnen und Schüler zum Fremdsprachenlernen motiviert werden? Dies ist die Ausgangsfrage dieser fremdsprachendidaktischen Studie zu Motivation und Akzeptanz. Im Rahmen eines Aktionsforschungsprojektes wurden bilinguale

    • August 2009

      Die Motivation von Bankenfusionen und -uebernahmen in den OECD-Laendern

      Theoretische Basis und empirische Analyse

      by Susanne Henzler

      Ausgehend von der zunehmenden Bedeutung von Großfusionen und -übernahmen in den 1990er Jahren beschäftigt sich diese Arbeit mit den Zusammenschlussaktivitäten der in den OECD-Ländern ansässigen weltweit größten Comm

    • Business, Economics & Law
      February 2019

      The Languages of Leadership

      How to use your words, actions and behaviours to influence your team, peers and boss

      by Wendy Born

      Many of us have issues trying to lead disparate teams with multiple personalities, colleagues with conflicting agendas and bosses with minds of their own. The questions we often ask ourselves are: How do I manage my team

    • Education

      Motivation and Practice for the Classroom

      by Towndrow, P. A.

      Motivation and Practice for the Classroom is a book for everyone concerned with the study of motivation in education. Although there have been a number of notable contributions to the literature attempting to explain how students could excel in learning i

    • Education

      Teacher Career Motivation and Professional Development in Special and Inclusive Education in China

      by Feng, Y.

      Using autobiographical accounts acquired from her extensive career in education, the author has explored the multi-faceted influences on teacher career motivation and professional development in special and inclusive education in China. The social realit

    • Teachers' classroom resources & material

      Motivation Toolkit

      by Rosemary Martin

    • July 2013

      GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict

      by Debra Dixon

      "This book belongs on every fiction writer's bookshelf. Anyone who has ever had a story to tell and is dying to get it down on paper will find guidance and inspiration in GMC. The presentation is clear, immediate, and relevant to all writers--from novi

    • Self-help & personal development
      May 2016

      Motivation for Coaches and Personal trainers

      Engaging and retaining people in positive behavioural change

      by Dr Roy Sugarman

      Dr Roy sugarman presents the second edition of his highly acclaimed work on motivation and the coaching of emotion. Dr Sugarman sets out clear strategies based in behavioral science, for trainers to forge warmer and more effective relationships with th

    • Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem
      September 2013

      Self Motivation

      Using Insights of Motivation Research Practically

      by Jens-Uwe Martens / Julius Kuhl

      This book answers all important questions of modern motivational psychology: How can we achieve what we are aiming at? How does self motivation work and how can it be learned? Seven ways to develop intelligent means of handling the challenges of every day

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