• Humanities & Social Sciences
      March 2019

      A Mother's Heart

      by Mulenga Chanda

      Motherhood is the development of a vital relationship with God, ourselves and others. In this honourable role we get to discover so much about who we are and teach others about who they are. Whether you have biologi

    • Literary Fiction
      October 2015

      The Secret Mother

      by Delderfield, Victoria

      Mai Ling is chasing the Chinese dream. She’s escaping to the city, seeking a new life, running away from the old customs of arranged marriage and domestic drudgery. The Secret Mother puts a face to the label Made in China. It tells the bitterswee

    • Fiction
      July 2017

      The Curious Ones

      by Eliza Granville

      For more than fifteen years, Isabelle has been tormented by guilt over the disappearance of her youngest daughter. If only she’d been at the school gate to meet her. If only she hadn’t been so engrossed in her

    • Sagas
      April 2011

      The Partridge and the Pelican

      by Crowther, Rachel

      Two girls find a baby abandoned in a phone box, and the event casts a long shadow as their lives unfold through careers, marriages and motherhood.

    • Fiction
      August 2017

      Island of Souls

      Själarnas ö

      by Johanna Holmström

      Island of Souls is an evocative and striking novel about motherhood, madness, evil, good, and the utterly ordinary. A fall night in 1891, Kristina Andersson drowns her two sleepin

    • Family & health
      June 2011

      Motherhood Online

      by Editor(s): Michelle Moravec

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2019

      The Joy of Being

      Supporting hardworking mums to stress less & live more

      by Marina Pearson

      WOULD YOU LOVE TO STRESS LESS AND LIVE MORE? Juggling motherhood and work, whether you run a business or work in a demanding job, can seem nothing short of exhausting, overwhelming and lonely as you rush around tending to your obligations without any tim

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      September 2015

      Contract Children

      Questioning Surrogacy

      by Danna, Daniela

      Surrogate motherhood is expanding all over the world. Debates rage over how public policy should consider the signing away of the parental rights of birth mothers in favor of a 'commissioning' couple or an individual. In this book, Daniela Danna descri

    • Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
      January 2012


      A beautiful illustrated anthology of verse and prose

      by Fiona Hunter


    • Literary Fiction

      World's Best Mother

      by Nuria Labari

      The main character of this novel is thirty-five years old and is infertile when something starts growing inside her body like a cancer: the idea of being mother. Five years and two daughters later she believes she has won and lost it all. It is then wh

    • April 2016

      Daily Motherhood

      365 Days of Inspiration for the Hardest Job You'll Ever Love

      by Familius

      You are exactly who your children need. No one can fill your shoes. No one can give what you have to offer. No one can love or know your child like you do. That is the privilege of being a mother. —Catherine Arveseth, Motherhood Realized <br/

    • September 2013

      Deliberate Motherhood

      12 Key Powers of Peace, Purpose, Order & Joy

      by The Power of Moms

      The outstanding authors of Deliberate Motherhood have let the trials and hardships of motherhood mold them into better people. Whether the change includes learning patience when the two-year-old “paints” your walls with the black permanent marker, or forg

    • April 2014

      Motherhood Realized

      An Inspiring Anthology for the Hardest Job You'll Ever Love

      by Power of Moms

      We believe that family life is beautiful and that motherhood is a privilege. But we also believe it is often really hard to see all that beauty when we're in the midst of mothering. So often, we feel like we're spread too thin. We feel like we don't match

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      August 2014

      Motherhood….through A Year Of Pregnancy

      by Pravesh Handa

      It's rightly said that Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings from God. To give birth to a Healthy Baby right from the day a woman conceives through almost a year, i.e., nine months is indeed a tough job! However, this job can be simplified by eating

    • January 2006

      Narrating Motherhood(s), Breaking the Silence

      Other Mothers, Other Voices

      by Silvia Caporale-Bizzini

      Feminist theory on motherhood has successfully transformed mothers into subjects of their own discourse, recognized the historical, heterogeneous and socially constructed origins of their life experience while, at the same time, widening our understanding

    • July 2016

      Motherhood and Self-Realization in the Four Waves of American Feminism and Joyce Carol Oates's Recent Fiction

      by Julia Hillenbrand

      The author examines motherhood and female self-realization in feminist discourse and Joyce Carol Oates’s recent fiction. While the first and second wave of feminism repudiated motherhood, the third wave claimed the right to enjoy it. The present fourth wa

    • January 2017

      Immigration, Motherhood and Parental Involvement

      Narratives of Communal Agency in the Face of Power Asymmetry

      by Lilian Cibils

      Immigration, Motherhood and Parental Involvement is based on the vivid accounts of seven Latina immigrant women of how they learned to navigate the school system in the rural southwest of the United States. Their stories are presented within several conte

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