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    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      April 2013

      Who’s Afraid of the Booker Prize?

      by Peter Cowlam

      Winner of the 2015 Quagga Prize for Literary Fiction. <span s

    • Historical fiction
      June 2013


      by Jack Engelhard

    • Biography & True Stories
      October 2017

      Found and Lost

      Mittens, Miep, and Shovelfuls of Dirt

      by Alison Leslie Gold

      Starting with supervision of her primary school's 'Lost andultimately led to her salvation Found' depot, Gold charts her need to save objects, stories, and people - including herself - that she sensed to be on a road to perdition. Following the d

    • Biography: general
      June 2018

      Knight: Yorkshireman, Storyteller, Spy

      by Greg Christie

      Biography of best-selling novelist, Eric Knight whose work was praised by the literary establishment of the 1930s, but whose greatest acheivements were overshadowed by his biggest hit - he was the author of 'Lassie Come-Home'.

    • Fiction
      January 2018

      Just round the corner

      by Jenny Jacobsson

      Isa, a 35-year old woman, has recently been dumped by her long-term partner. Suddenly she finds herself childless as she gave up her own wishes and dreams about getting pregnant when her partner Jimmy didn’t want any more children. Isa no

    • Fiction
      April 2017

      The Secret Next Door

      by Jenny Jacobsson

      A contemporary story about Melissa & Viggo set in a fictitious town in Sweden. The motto of this book is "Surviving is not relevant, living life, however, is." Melissa and Viggo are the couple that most people in the

    • Literary studies: classical, early & medieval
      November 2019

      Middle English Devotional Compilations

      Composing Imaginative Variations in Late Medieval England

      by Diana Denissen

      Middle English Devotional Compilations approaches compiling as a literary activity and as an active way of shaping the medieval text. This monograph examines three major but understudied Middle English devotional compilations in depth: the Pore Cai

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      November 2019

      John Ormond’s Organic Mosaic

      Poetry, Documentary, Nation

      by Kieron Smith

      In a uniquely dualistic creative career spanning five decades, John Ormond made major contributions to both English-language poetry and documentary filmmaking. Born in Swansea, he learned to ‘think in terms of pictures’ while working as a j

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      February 2020

      New Theoretical Perspectives on Dylan Thomas

      “ A writer of words, and nothing else”?

      by Kieron Smith and Rhian Barfoot

      Dylan Thomas’s reputation precedes him. In keeping with his claim that he held ‘a beast, an angel, and a madman in him’, interpretations of his work have ranged from solemn adoration to dubious mythologising. His many voices continue

    • Literary Fiction

      The Melting Queen

      by Bruce Cinnamon

      Shortlisted for the Sixth Annual Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize - Literary Fiction Category and shortlisted for Best Speculative Fiction at the 2020 Alberta Book Publishing Awards. Shortlisted for Best Book Design at the 2020 Alberta Book P

    • Fiction



      What would you do if your father abandons you? What would you do if your mother and brother hate you because you look like him? What would you do if you find out that you were actually breastfed by a witch?What would you do if

    • Fiction

      La Forastera

      by Olga Merino

      A contemporary western set in the rugged, unforgiving territory ofrural Spain. A thrilling story about human resilience. For the locals, Angie is the village crazy lady. She lives isolated and alone in the country, su

    • August 2019

      Mein Europa

      Gedichte aus dem Tagebuch

      by Krüger, Michael

      Accessible, multi-award-winning poetry in the form of a travel journal: over a year and a half, Michael Krüger penned a series of poems about all the places he visited throughout Europe, from the centres to the peripheries.

    • Bibliographies, catalogues, discographies
      November 2018

      The Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada

      A Bibliography

      by Andrew David Irvine 

      This authoritative bibliography of Canada's premier literary prize, the Governor General's Literary Awards, offers a comprehensive and in-depth look at the Awards and its celebrated authors.

    • March 2014

      (De)forming the Modernist Canon: Joseph Conrad and English Literary Modernism

      by Can, Taner

      Taner Can explores the prevailing problems of literary periodisation and canon formation in the history of English literary modernism. In his comprehensive survey of the development of modernist literary studies, he demonstrates that the current conceptio

    • Fiction
      March 2019

      My Friend Natalia

      by Laura Lindstedt

      The long awaited new novel by Finlandia Prize winner, Laura Lindstedt! A bold and brave novel about a young woman’s sexuality, the power of narration, and identity. Natalia starts to see a therapist to help solve t

    • Fiction
      April 2019

      The Master of Silence

      The Finlandia and Runeberg Prize-nominated author of O

      by Miki Liukkonen

      The Finlandia and Runeberg Prize-nominated author of O returns with a dazzling, genre-defying novel that captures the zeitgeist of our time. “There is no direct communication. There is always a filter in between. In this instance, it’s

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2011

      Literary Translation

      by Author(s): Bahaa-eddin Abulhassan Hassan

    • Literary studies: general
      February 2007

      The Global Literary Field

      by Editor(s): Anna Guttman, Michel Hockx and George Paizis

      The Global Literary Field is a collection of twelve articles dealing with the impact of globalization on literary production. Focusing especially on the social context of literature and employing comparative methodologies, all articles comment on the lite

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      December 2011

      Totalitarianism and Literary Discourse

      by Editor(s): Irma Ratiani

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