• Humour
      September 2016

      Ten Camels for My Wife

      by John Meadows

      A highly entertaining anecdotal collection of humorous life observations during a trip around the world. Travelling by bus to Kathmandu, the author experiences hair-raising misadventures: a chase through Jerusalem, a gun battle in Jordan, a pummelling

    • Humour
      February 2012

      Medical Jokes & Humour

      by Clifford Sawhney

      While many Indian joke books are jokes themselves, this book avoids the pitfalls by its professional approach towards compilation, rewriting and editing. The book comprises the world’s best adult medical jokes, quips, quotes and humour. Bold and bawdy lin

    • Humour collections & anthologies
      October 2014

      Humour Stories

      by Editorial Board

      “Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it,” said C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest English writers of the medieval period. This book is a part of a set of ten books of the Greatest Classic Series containing fascinating and hilarious stor

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      January 2015

      Turkish Revenge

      by Askim Utkuseven

      Binnur and Fahrettin are planning their wedding. Hatice wants to set up a kebab restaurant, Mehmet, however, only wants to pass his driving test. Ayse pastes her husband while Akif wants to sweep a girl off her feet with the help of his cooking skills

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories
      February 2012

      Eeek! The Runaway Alien

      by Karen Inglis

      A boy, an alien and World Cup football. A match made in heaven for soccer fans aged 7-10! 'Laugh-out-loud funny!' Eleven-year-old Charlie Spruit can't believe his luck when he opens his door to an alien one morning. Wh

    • Biography & True Stories
      December 2018

      Toxic Bedlam & Misadventure

      by Vinson Chard

      More tales from Vinson Chard about his time working in Industry. He continues with accounts about working for another toxic waste company in "Special Operations". There a

    • March 2006

      Laughter and Power

      by John Parkin, John Philllips

      Laughter and power are here examined in a variety of contexts, ranging from the satires of Renaissance Humanism through to the polemics of contemporary journalism. How do the powerful use laughter as a cultural weapon which reinforces their position? How

    • July 2009

      Court and Humour in the French Renaissance

      Essays in Honour of Professor Pauline Smith

      by Sarah Alyn Stacey

      This collection of essays by thirteen renowned specialists in the fields of French Renaissance literature and history is a fitting tribute to the scholarship of Pauline Smith, Emeritus Professor in French at the University of Hull and Research Associate o

    • December 2014

      Translating Humour in Audiovisual Texts

      by Gian Luigi De Rosa, Francesca Bianchi, Antonella De Laurentiis, Elisa Perego

      Humour found in audiovisual products is, of course, performative in nature. If we consider instances of humour – any droll moment occurring in today’s fare of mixed-genre products as a composite of cognition, emotion, interaction and expression – we see t

    • Children's & YA

      Rakel's Miracles

      by Malin Klingenberg

      A hilarious series about retired people fighting crime In a small-town school a boy sits in a classroom, deep in thought. He’s called Patrik, and today will be the most exciting day of his life, although he doesn’t know it yet. Soon the class te

    • Biography & True Stories

      Jokes can be eaten as meals

      by Luo Xiaogang

      Jokes can be eaten as a meal" is a classic work that Luo Xiaogang has condensed for many years of hard work and devoted himself to telling the sadness and joy of life, Chengdu's humanities and customs, and the feelings and reflections of daily life. Th

    • Humour
      March 2017


      Where the real life is raging

      by Martin Demmler

      A private garden with a pond, beautiful flowers, a shady place and a lot of relaxation: "The perfect balance to life in the big city". This is how Sabine and Robert imagined their garden dream. But life in the colony is not as carefree as it seems. Alt

    • Humour
      April 2018

      The Political Correcting of Carl Waxman

      Kill All Men

      by Phil Hipside

      Masters of the universe don’t usually wash up in low paid, public sector jobs, but that’s exactly what happened to Carl Waxman following the banking crisis. If his pay grade and lack of champagne lunches weren't insulting enough

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      January 2008

      Every man in his humour

      Ben Jonson

      by Robert Miola

      This edition breaks with the usual practice by presenting the 1601 quarto version of Ben Jonson's play, set in Florence, instead of the revised 1616 version, set in London. Robert S. Miola presents a meticulously edited and modernised version of the play

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      September 2008

      Every Man Out of His Humour

      Ben Jonson

      by David Bevington, Helen Ostovich, Richard Dutton, Alison Findlay, Helen Ostovich

      Despite its popularity when it first appeared in print in 1600, Every Man out of His Humour has never appeared as a single modern critical edition until now. The volume's introduction and annotations convey early modern obsessions with wealth and self-dis

    • Fiction
      October 2015

      So I’m Going to be Totally Different

      by Jennifer Schreiner

      Anna is 28 years old, a student and somewhat chaotic. Furthermore, she still lives with her mother, who desperately wants to pair off her daughter with a great man. In addition, the life of her sister Sabine - unlike Anna’s – is apparently

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