• Sustainable agriculture
      November 2017

      Achieving sustainable cultivation of sugarcane Volume 1

      Cultivation techniques, quality and sustainability

      by Prof. Philippe Rott

      Sugarcane is the source of over three quarters of the world’s sugar, and is grown widely in the tropics and sub-tropics. Despite rising demand, average yields have not increased significantly, partly because of continued vulnerability to pests an

    • Sustainable agriculture
      May 2018

      Achieving sustainable cultivation of soybeans Volume 1

      Breeding and cultivation techniques

      by Prof. Henry T. Nguyen

      Soybeans are one of the most widely-grown crops in the world. As the world’s main source of vegetable protein, they have a wide range of food and non-food uses. Current yields need to increase significantly to meet growing demand but in a way tha

    • Sustainable agriculture
      February 2018

      Global tea science

      Current status and future needs

      by Dr VS Sharma and Dr Kumudini Gunasekare

      Tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world. Like other crops, tea cultivation faces a number of challenges. With the challenge of climate change and the competition for scarce resources, there is a need to make tea cultivation more efficient

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