• Sustainable agriculture
      February 2018

      Global tea science

      Current status and future needs

      by Dr VS Sharma and Dr Kumudini Gunasekare

      Tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world. Like other crops, tea cultivation faces a number of challenges. With the challenge of climate change and the competition for scarce resources, there is a need to make tea cultivation more efficient

    • April 2006

      Ethics of Emerging Technologies

      Scientific Facts and Moral Challenges

      by Thomas F. Budinger, Miriam D. Budinger

      An insightful guide to understanding and navigating the ethical issues faced by anyone affected by the ethical dilemmas associated with current and emerging technologies Ethics of Emerging Technologies provides the background, insight, and to

    • November 2017

      Introduction to Renewable Biomaterials

      First Principles and Concepts

      by Ali S. Ayoub, Lucian A. Lucia

      Covers the entire evolutionary spectrum of biomass, from its genetic modification and harvesting, to conversion technologies, life cycle analysis, and its value to the current global economy This original textbook introduces readers to bi

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