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    • The Arts
      September 2013

      The Engaged Musician

      A Manifesto

      by Sam Richards

      Social commentary. The Engaged Musician is a passionate call to musicians, of whatever genre or discipline, to rescue themselves and us from the commercial tyrannies and dictates currently forming our musical life, and relocate it very determi

    • Mind, Body, Spirit
      August 2012

      The Art of Making Love

      His & Her Secrets

      by Horner, Christine

      It is through the mind, the body, and then the letting go of the mind and the body that we reconnect with Spirit, the three merging as the One. A few come to know the Secrets in later years, many never at all. What if you knew these Secrets no

    • Art: general interest (Children's/YA)
      August 2011

      Let's Make Some Great Art

      by Marion Deuchars

      In this interactive colouring and activity book, Marion Deuchars takes the broad canvas of ART and fills it with drawings and activities that let you discover what art can be, how it can be made, what it can mean for you and what it has meant for people t

    • Children's & young adult: general non-fiction
      May 2008

      The Art of Living of the Wise

      by Antonio Meneghetti

      Specially dedicated to young people, this book deals with the fundamental aspects that constitute the foundation for healthy individual identity, such as: moral issues, social and personal relations, work, money, functionality within society and attitu

    • Children's & YA
      May 2010

      Preschool Art

      It's the Process, Not the Product

      by Kohl, MaryAnn

      Winner of the National Parenting Press Award, One in Thirteen offers a sobering examination of the teen suicide epidemic in America. This frank portrait of coming-of-age in contemporary American society examines why more children are killing themselves

    • April 2015

      Duoduo, Daddy is Always Here

      by RouTengTeng

      As a father, he named his son as "duoduo", it means much happiness. When duoduo was born, he started to take pictures of his son to record his growth. And he said his book is not only for his son but for himself too. This is a book to record growth of bot

    • August 2014

      Bedtime Poems

      by Bedtime Poems Studio

      An audio book of poetry, including 101 poems written by Dickinson, Yeats, Pablo Neruda, Wislawa Szymborska, Jorge Luis Borges and other preeminent poets. Readers could not only read these beautiful poems but also listen to them by scanning the bar codes

    • Fiction
      September 2014

      Bad Boy

      by Zijin Chen

      Mystery novel by Zijin Chen, a web celebrity writer who is famous for his serial detective stories. BAD BOY A murder was caught by camera by three children accidentally. Instead of reporting to the police, these children took advantage of the evidence

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      July 2016

      A Pomegranate Tree Bears Cherries

      by Li Er

    • July 2016


      by Su Tong

      Rice is a collection of fictional works by Su Tong, which includes Rice, Three Lamps and Fish of the People. Rice, a tale of desire, agony, existence and destruction, is a novel Su Tong wrote in the early 1990s. It depicts the samsara-like life of a man w

    • Children's & YA
      September 2009

      A Little Dog

      by Chuan Yin

      LiLi and DiDi was a young couple. LiLi liked baking, and DiDi liked drawing. One day in June, they adopted a schnauzer puppy called Wanwan as its frizzle all over the body. From then on, they started having a funny and wonderful living. Note: give Our

    • Children's & YA
      September 2009

      Wan Wan’s World

      by Chuan Yin

      Wanwan grew up. It was funny, lovable, naughty, and tireless. It played tug-of-war with sheet, took sofa as abattoir, and urinated everywhere in home, etc. It made so many troubles to LiLi and DiDi. It scanned the world with puppy eyes, loved LiLi and

    • Children's & YA
      January 2018

      What do? Wan Wan

      by Chuan Yin

      Painting is more room than photos to image. The author, Yin Chuan, together with his wife and pet dog, Wan Wan, became the series’ characters. Out of perspective of two masters, it painted a little dog’s growing up, and brought you natural

    • Children's & YA
      June 2018

      ZhuGe Liang’s Typhoon and Zhou Yu’s Typhoon

      by Rui Zhou

      The stories collection used the figures from Chinese ancient classical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, as protagonists, whose personalities were overstated and developed, and the humor language style and absurd comic plots had the plentiful imagi

    • Children's & YA
      June 2018

      Zhou Yu had Amnesia

      by Rui Zhou

      The stories collection used the figures form Chinese ancient classical novel, Romance of the Three kingdoms, as protagonists, whose personalities were overstated and developed, and the humor language style and absurd comic plots had the plentiful imagi

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      The History of Chinese Ceramics

      by Fang Lili

      Through reading The History of Chinese Ceramics, you’ll find it evident that the history of Chinese ceramics, on one hand relives the hi

    • The Arts
      November 2018

      Handbook of Art and Global Migration

      Theories, Practices, and Challenges

      by Burcu Dogramaci, Birgit Mersmann

      How can we think of art history as a discipline that moves process-based, performative, and cultural migratory movement to the center of its theoretical and methodical analyses? With contributions from internationally renowned experts, this man

    • The Arts
      October 2018

      Handbook of International Futurism

      by Günter Berghaus

      The Handbook of International Futurism is the first reference work ever to presents in a comparative fashion all media and countries in which the movement, initiated by F.T. Marinetti in 1909, exercised a particularly noteworthy influence. Th

    • August 2015

      The Crystallization of Chinese Opera

      by The Nanjing Musuem

      This is a complete catalogue of the exhibition The Crystallization of Chinese Opera, enhanced by high-quality images of more than 150 pieces (sets) of cultural relics related to various kinds of traditional Chinese operas, including UNESCO Intangible Cult

    • August 2013

      The Crucial Ten Years: Chinese Experience of Cultural Heritage Protection

      by Shan Jixiang

      Consisting of three volumes, Crucial Ten Years mainly focuses on China urban design, China cultural heritage preservation and museums establishment. The preservation of our cultural heritage has never been this important due to the acceleration of the urb

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