• March 2015

      IT Outsourcing

      Implications for Strategic Alignment, Agility, and Effectivess

      by Bruce Eichman

    • August 2010


      Competing and Winning in a Tech-Savvy Marketplace

      by Mark Mueller-Eberstein

      Insider secrets to competing-and winning-in the tech-savvy marketplace The new generation of technology savvy workers is changing the way we look at productivity. Agility uniquely describes how technology agility impacts your business's p

    • August 2012

      Cultural Agility

      Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals

      by Paula Caligiuri

      HR professionals' guide to creating a culturally agile talent pipeline Succeeding in today's global economy requires organizations to acquire, develop, and retain professionals who can operate effectively around the world, irrespective of countr

    • February 2013

      The Agile Architecture Revolution

      How Cloud Computing, REST-Based SOA, and Mobile Computing Are Changing Enterprise IT

      by Jason Bloomberg

      A sneak peek at up-and-coming trends in IT, a multidimensional vision for achieving business agility through agile architectures The Agile Architecture Revolution places IT trends into the context of Enterprise Architecture, reinventing E

    • September 2014

      Creating Business Agility

      How Convergence of Cloud, Social, Mobile, Video, and Big Data Enables Competitive Advantage

      by Rodney Heisterberg, Alakh Verma

      Creating Business Agility: How Convergence of Cloud, Social, Mobile, Video, and Big Data Enables Competitive Advantage provides a game plan for integrating technology to build a smarter, more customer-centric business. Using a series of case stu

    • September 2014

      The Agility Advantage

      How to Identify and Act on Opportunities in a Fast-Changing World

      by Amanda Setili

      How to win market leadership in a fast-changing world In the past, companies could pick a strategy and stick with it, maintaining a competitive edge for years. But today, companies surge ahead, fall behind, or even disappear in mere month

    • September 2014

      Agile Innovation

      The Revolutionary Approach to Accelerate Success, Inspire Engagement, and Ignite Creativity

      by Langdon Morris, Moses Ma, Po Chi Wu

      Find your company's unique innovation style, and nurture it into a powerful competitive advantage Praised by business leaders worldwide, Agile Innovation is the authoritative guide to survival and success in today's "innovate-or-di

    • November 2016

      Work with Me

      How to Get People to Buy into Your Ideas

      by Simon Dowling

      Lead from any level with the power of buy-in Work with Me shows you how to master the art of the 'buy-in.' You achieve better results when people go along with your ideas because they want to, not because they have to; the k

    • March 2009

      Business Agility

      Sustainable Prosperity in a Relentlessly Competitive World

      by Michael H. Hugos

      The relentless pursuit of industrial efficiency no longer yields the profits it once did because it requires a level of business predictability that no longer exists. Instead, the Internet and global video and telecom systems provide a massive and continu

    • August 2014

      The Agility Factor

      Building Adaptable Organizations for Superior Performance

      by Christopher G. Worley, Thomas D. Williams, Edward E. Lawler

      A research-based approach to achieving long-term profitability in business What does it take to guarantee success and profitability over time? Authors Christopher G. Worley, a senior research scientist, Thomas D. Williams, an executive advisor,

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