• Fiction
      March 2016

      A Coin for the Hangman

      by Ralph Spurrier

      Booksellers never know what they might find in an estate sale. When our man finds the tools of England’s last hangman, along with the diary of a man he executed, he knows he has a mystery to solve. Was there a miscarriage of justice? Did the wron

    • True stories
      February 2018

      Ted's Story

      by Alan Robson MBE

      Do you die like a gentleman?Do you die by the rules?Suffering horrors and torment you could scarcely imagine in your darkest​ nightmares, read about the men who instead chose to live like human beings. When the Second World War was over, what remained was a bridge that now lives in history.Ted's Story will tell you how it was built and who built it.Not slaves.But soldiers.Soldiers in captivity. Ted's Story - what does the sum total of your life represent?

    • Biography & True Stories
      March 2018

      Chamberlain and Appeasement

      by Andrew Elsby

      Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940, and is identified with the policy of ‘appeasement’ towards Adolf Hitler’s Germany in the period preceding World War II. In this new study Dr Andre

    • Asian history
      March 2020

      Uniquely Okinawan

      by Courtney A. Short

    • Second World War
      August 2019

      Der Birnbaum im Pfarrgarten

      Eine evangelische Gemeinde im Nationalsozialismus

      by Lindenmeyer, Christoph

      Christoph Lindenmeyer researched the history of the Christuskirche, a protestant church in Munich, Germany. Numerous documents tell about their life during the second world war and picture courage, desperation, assimilation as well as resistance. A book a

    • History
      May 2008

      The Complete Illustrated History of World War I

      A concise authoritative account of the course of the Great War, with analysis of decisive encounters and landmark engagements

      by Ian Westwell

      This wide-ranging book begins with the state of Europe before the war then embarks on four major chapters chronicling the war a year at a time. Major battles are interspersed with spreads detailing the weapons and tactics used. A final chapter looks at th

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      September 2008

      The Complete Illustrated History of World War II

      An authoritative account of the deadliest conflict in human history with analysis of decisive encounters and landmark engagements

      by Donald Sommerville

      This authoritative book begins with the aftermath of World War I, when new political movements and grievances took shape. The main section of the book then covers the war in detail from the advance of Nazi forces across Europe to Operation Barbarossa, and

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      April 2011

      An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War I

      An expert guide to the uniforms of Britain, France, Russia, America, Germany and Austria-Hungary with over 650 colour illustrations

      by Jonathan North

      The war of 1914-1918 was a military, political and social disaster. No other war changed the map of Europe so drastically, and more than 15 million people were killed. The dramatic political and social changes of the period were mirrored in the uniforms o

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      October 2013


      Two expert guides to the Great War, containing over 1200 photographs, maps, battle plans and illustrations

      by Ian Westwell Jonathan North

      The two books in this magnificent collection give an authoritative insight into the war of 1914 to 1918

    • Military history
      May 2015

      An illustrated encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War II

      An expert guide to the uniforms of Britain, America, Germany, USSR and Japan, together with other Axis and Allied forces

      by Jonathan North

      World War II was a huge conflict, fought on different fronts, covering diverse terrain and involving the fighting men of dozens of nations. At the outbreak of war in 1945 military uniforms had changed little from those worn by the soldiers of World War I,

    • Travel & Transport
      September 2014


      An illustrated guide shown in over 75 images

      by Alfred Price

      The story of the Messerschmitt began in 1934, although chief designer Willi Messerschmitt had no previous experience of designing fighter aircraft. This book will lead you through the chronological history of this classic aircraft and its involvement in W

    • Travel & Transport
      August 2014


      An illustrated guide shown in over 100 images

      by Mike Spick

      The Avro Lancaster was a truly outstanding combat aircraft of World War II. Lancasters formed the main equipment of the Pathfinder Force, and they pioneeered low-level marking and precision attacks. This expertly written handbook describes the Lancaster <

    • Travel & Transport
      August 2014


      An illustrated guide shown in over 100 images

      by Mike Spick

      The North American P-51 Mustang and the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress were among many outstanding combat planes of World War II. The first Mustang was designed using an American airframe linked to the first-rate Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, while the most fam

    • Travel & Transport
      September 2014


      An illustrated guide shown in over 100 images

      by Alfred Price

      The legendary Supermarine Spitfire was designed solely as an air protection interceptor, to engage and destroy enemy bombers attempting to attack targets in the British Isles. It was also ideal as a reconnaissance aircraft, providing photographs and cruci

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 1915


      Die letzten Etappen zum Weltkrieg

      by Th. Schiemann

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      May 2016

      The Culmination of Conflict.

      The Ukrainian-Polish Civil War and the Expulsion of Ukrainians After the Second World War

      by Rapawy, Stephen

      As Germany and the Soviet Union engaged in colossal battles during World War II, a much smaller but vicious struggle broke out in the borderlands of southeastern Poland, resurrecting longstanding ethnic and territorial conflicts between Poles and Ukrai

    • Biography & True Stories
      October 2014

      Stepan Bandera: The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist

      Fascism, Genocide, and Cult

      by Rossolinski-Liebe, Grzegorz

      "The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist" is the first comprehensive and scholarly biography of the Ukrainian far-right leader Stepan Bandera and the first in-depth study of his political cult. In this fascinating book, Grzegorz Rossoli?ski-L

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2015

      Memory is Our Home

      Loss and Remembering: Three Generations in Poland and Russia 1917-1960s

      by Eibuszyc, Suzanna

      "Memory is Our Home" is a powerful biographical memoir based on the diaries of Roma Talasiewicz-Eibuszyc, who was born in Warsaw before the end of World War I, grew up during the interwar period and who, after escaping the atrocities of World War II, w

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