• Fiction
      June 2015

      Nine Lives

      by John Morritt

      When Soho club owner Johnny Gold, tells Ed “I could use someone like you.” Ed jumps at the opportunity of a job as a bouncer. Little does he know that he is entering a world of sleaze and corruption that will put his very life in danger, be

    • Regional & national history

      Artists' SoHo

      by Richard Kostelanetz

    • Biography & True Stories
      November 2014

      The Soho Don

      by Michael Connor

      The Soho Don is the story of a shy south London boy from a respectable family who became a shadowy, but powerful figure in the Soho, Mayfair and Brighton underworlds.

    • December 2016

      From Samos to Soho

      The Unorthodox Life of Joseph Georgirenes, a Greek Archbishop

      by John Penrose Barron

      Born on the small Greek island of Melos, Joseph Georgirenes became a monk on Mount Athos and was consecrated as Archbishop of Samos in 1666. Five years later he left his diocese and travelled to Europe, visiting Rome, Paris, London and Oxford. Scholars su

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      March 2020

      A-Z of Soho and Fitzrovia


      by Johnny Homer

      Soho and Fitzrovia are two of London's most vibrant and bohemian neighbourhoods. Divided geographically only by Oxford Street, they can both boast a fascinating and occasionally dark history. In this book, author Johnny Homer takes readers on an engaging

    • Crime & mystery
      August 2012

      The Devil in Soho

      by Jean Shorney

      Aidan McRaney is a young man with secrets. Written in the first person, present tense, we are immediately drawn into the action. After he has taken revenge, in company with Verdi Benson, eleven years his senior, on the man who violated and killed Aidan'

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