• December 2015

      Licensing Royalty Rates

      2016 Edition

      by Gregory J. Battersby, Charles W. Grimes

      This valuable reference presents the and#8220;goingand#8221; royalty rate for virtually any product, including over 1,500 products and services in ten lucrative categoriesand#8212;art, celebrity, character and entertainment, collegiate, corporate,

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      August 2017

      Literature of the Stuart successions

      by Andrew McRae, John West

    • History & the past: general interest (Children's/YA)

      Royalty, Religion, Revolutions | Children's European History

      by Baby Professor

      Many revolutions originated from the intense desire to spread religion. For example, the French Revolution was because of religion. The country was mainly Catholic so to be French means to be Catholic. How was it that by 1974, the churches and religious o

    • History & the past: general interest (Children's/YA)

      The Battle Between the Red Rose and the White Rose: The Road to Royalty History 5th Grade | Chidren's European History

      by Baby Professor

      The Wars of the Roses represent the difficulty of gaining control of the throne of England. Hundreds of people lost their lives for the royals that they serve. You want your child to learn about wars and victories in order to better appreciate peace and f

    • Biography: royalty
      June 2018

      Representing Royalty

      by Author(s): Julia Kinzler

    • March 2017

      The Heroes of Test Flights

      by Zhang Ziying

      It is an original work theming military materials. The author who was with test pilots of Chinese Air Forces for 16 years, witnessed the devotion and sacrifice made by these pilots to achieve the Chinese dream and the national revival. The book records

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      September 2019

      Four Queens and a Countess

      Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, Mary I, Lady Jane Grey and Bess of Hardwick: The Struggle for the Crown

      by Jill Armitage

      When Mary Stuart was forced off the Scottish throne she fled to England, a move that made her cousin Queen Elizabeth very uneasy. Elizabeth had continued the religious changes made by her father and England was a Protestant country, yet ardent Catholics plotted to depose Elizabeth and put Mary Stuart on the English throne. So what was Queen Elizabeth going to do with a kingdomless queen likely to take hers? She had her placed under house arrest with her old friend Bess of Hardwick, then married to her fourth husband, the wealthy and influential Earl of Shrewsbury. The charismatic Scotswoman was treated more like a dowager queen than a prisoner and enjoyed the Shrewsbury’s affluent lifestyle until Bess suspected Mary of seducing her husband. But for sixteen years, with the never-ending threat of a Catholic uprising, Bess was forced to accommodate Mary and her entourage at enormous cost to both her finances and her marriage. Bess had also known the doomed Jane Grey and Mary Tudor, Queen of France. She had been in service in the Grey household and companion to the infant Jane. Mary Tudor had been godmother to Bess’s fifth child. Four Queens and a Countess delves deep into the relationships of these women with their insurmountable differences, the way they tried to accommodate them and the lasting legacy this has left. The clash of personalities and its deadly political background have never been examined in detail before.

    • Romance
      August 2014

      Royalty Defeated by Love

      by Barbara Cartland

      Michael, the Earl of Danesbury was being hounded to marry Lady Alice Randall, a woman he did not love. Even the Prince of Wales was determined to force him into marriage. Michael fled to his dilapidated ancestral castle for the first time since inheriting

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      March 2019

      Louis XIV

      by Josephine Wilkinson

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      December 2020

      Tales of Royalty

      Notions of Kingship in Visual and Textual Narration in the Ancient Near East

      by Elisabeth Wagner-Durand, Julia Linke

      The volume sheds light on Ancient Near Eastern kingship by focusing on its constant urge for legitimation. Thus, it highlights specific aspects like royal building activities, warfare and wisdom and frames these into material and textual expressions th

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 2020

      The Man in the Iron Mask

      The Truth about Europe's Most Famous Prisoner

      by Josephine Wilkinson

      The Man in the Iron Mask tells the story of Louis XIV’s most famous prisoner in history and legend - showing definitively that the Iron Mask was a man named Eustache Danger. It begins with his arrest and early captivity at Pignerol, a sinister state priso

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